Chicago Then and Now: A City’s Astonishing Evolution

Fall in Love With Chicago All Over Again

Chicago is a city that’s rich with history, and it continues to change every day. From new parks to shopping centers to jaw-dropping skyscrapers, the Windy City never fails to amaze us.

Chicago Then and Now
Chicago skyline seen from the John Hancock Center, South-Southwest view. 1973-2012

Our friends at RENTCafe curated some incredible photos of Chicago’s past and present, including the earliest days of Oak Street Beach, a Depression-era Michigan Avenue Bridge, and perhaps the most impressive, the city skyline from the view of Lake Michigan. In just a handful of images, they’ve managed to capture a century’s worth of expansion, upheaval, and renewal in one of the world’s greatest cities. If that doesn’t make you swell with Chitown pride, we don’t know what will.


We often take for granted the amazing buildings that we pass on our way to work or school every day, so do yourself a favor and take a few minutes out of your busy day to appreciate how our beloved landmarks became what they are today.

Ready for some nostalgia? Click here to check out Chicago Then and Now, an urban masterpiece.


What do you think Chicago will look like a century from now? Share your thoughts with us below!


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