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Chicago Ranked #1 Tech Hotspot On the Rise

chicago tech

Chicago Ranked #1 Tech Hotspot On the Rise

chicago tech

Cities like San Francisco and Seattle might soon take a backseat to Chicago

According to a survey by tech and engineering staffing agency, Modis, that compared trends amongst tech employers, Chicago was the most popular choice for U.S. cities emerging in the tech field.

Alongside Chicago, the survey compared cities such as Dallas, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, and Omaha, with Omaha ranking as the least popular choice. 500 “IT decision makers” participated in the survey.

Of those surveyed, 58% of females and 47% of males chose Chicago as the number one tech hotspot. 53% of those surveyed who have worked in IT for 1 – 5 years also selected Chicago, and it also ranked highest among those with a professional degree. It seems that the city resonated with most young professionals as well, as 58% of those surveyed aged 26 – 34 also chose Chicago for its potential. Houston ranked in at second place.

A growth in Chicago’s tech market would inevitably lead to an influx of new residents, which could lead to a boost in the city’s economy over time. Although many believe that the city’s real estate market has taken a dip, it’s certain that many businesses across the world are taking an interest in Chicago, especially with so many recent headquarter moves.

Many startups that already call Chicago home have seen rapid success, and many more are on the rise. What do you think about Chicago’s potential to attract major players in the tech field? Let us know!

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