The Magic of the Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

There’s no question that Chicago deep dish pizza is magical. The savory tomato sauce, the crispy crust, the endless variations of cheese, meat, and veggies to customize the undeniable pie.

Sure, we all have our preferences (mine is Lou Malnati’s. ?) But we can all come to a consensus that being a pizza connoisseur is a way of life, and understanding the art of the deep dish pizza should be well-studied and respected. ( …or, at least, we should all feel this way.)


Deep Dish PizzaPhoto Credit: Lou Malnati’s

So, to truly become a part of the deep dish pizza connoisseur lifestyle, you must know the elements of this beautiful pie. (Because it’d be an absolute shame if you thought that there weren’t major differences between Chicago & New York pizza.)


The Crust

Deep dish, Chicago-style pizza is made with thick crust, layered with an inch-thick of sauce, cheese, and toppings.
New York-style pizza is made with a super thin crust.



Deep dish pizza isn’t mobile. We get that New York is a busy city, so the foldable pizza makes sense. But, Chicago-style pizza is an awesome meal to wine and dine with, as it is definitely something you’ll need a plate, fork, and knife to really enjoy.



Inches of toppings can be added in a deep dish pizza since it’s prepared in a deep pan, optimal for layering.
New York-style pizza is limited to light toppings that can stay put on a thin layer of cheese.



Due to its layering abilities, there can be as many cheeses as you desire in a deep dish pizza.
New York-style pizza is typically made with just mozzarella cheese.



Chicago-style, deep dish pizza is made on the drier side, emphasizing the flavors of the tomato sauce rather than the oil.
New York-style pizza is known to be wetter pizza, dripping of oil.


And there you have it. So if someone tests your Chicago versus New York pizza knowledge, you’ll be prepared. (You’re welcome.)

And just in case you need a little help figuring out the best way to eat your Chicago-style pizza, here’s a handy guide, thanks to the Taste of Chicago, on how to eat a deep-dish the right way. Enjoy!

Featured Photo Credit: Your Naperville

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