This Timelapse Video of the Chicago River Dyeing is So Cool

You’ve probably stood along the Riverwalk to catch a glimpse of the famous dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s Day, but have you ever wondered what it looks like from a bird’s eye point of view?


Local timelapse videographer Chris Biela documented the whole experience with an amazing video. From up above, you’ll see crowds flanked along the sidelines watching boats snake through the River, spraying dye formula into the water as it slowly changes from dark blue to that wildly fluorescent shade of bright green.

It’s pretty cool to see how it’s done all at once, and puts into perspective just how many people show up to watch it happen! If you missed the chance to see it, this video is definitely one of the coolest ones out there that show this crazy tradition.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be inside the boat doing the dyeing? We heard from one of the men that undertakes this exciting job each year, check out what he had to say.


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