Chicago Named the #1 City for Pizza in the U.S.

TripAdvisor has revealed the Top 10 U.S. Cities and restaurants for pizza, and unsurprisingly Chicago has come out on top.

That’s right, Chicago is the #1 City for Pizza in America.

“Travelers come from all corners of the country to sink their teeth into Chicago’s deep dish, the big cheese of pizza destinations according to reviewers on TripAdvisor,” said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications for TripAdvisor. “New York City pizzerias also toss out an excellent slice, with Juliana’s in Brooklyn ranking as the top pizza restaurant in the country and two other NYC restaurants within the top ten.”


Here’s the full Top 10 List:

1) Chicago, Illinois


2) New York City, New York

3) New Haven, Connecticut


4) Orlando, Florida

5) San Francisco, California


6) Washington D.C.

7) Las Vegas, Nevada


8) San Diego, California

9) Phoenix, Arizona


10) Miami Beach, Florida

Cities were ranked on three main factors:

  • The quality of pizza restaurant reviews
  • The quantity of pizza restaurants and their reviews (reviews from the last year were weighted more heavily)
  • Ratio of pizza restaurants and reviews compared to all restaurants in the city

#1 Pizza in AmericaStrangely enough, not one single Chicago pizza place cracked the individual Top 10 list, though Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder, Lou Malnati’s in River North, and Giordano’s made up the Chicago must-try pizzeria list.

Still, this isn’t the only time Chicago has topped a TripAdvisor list. The Art Institute of Chicago is the number one ranked museum in the entire world as well.

The top pizza ingredients were also ranked, with pepperoni finishing ahead of sausage and mushrooms. You can view the entire press release with all of its details on TripAdvisor’s official site.