Chicago Mixology Classes

There’s nothing like a good mixed drink when you’re out celebrating and partying on the weekends in the city.

However, when you think about all the money you end up spending on drinks weekend after weekend, it adds up.

What if you were able to both hang out with your friends on the weekend and learn how to make your own drinks? (Which will be much cheaper for you in the long run.)

Mixology classes have quickly become a popular activity for all occasions. You can now learn how to make your favorite drinks and host a fun night in.

Get mixing with this list of the mixology classes!

Chicago Mixology Classes

A-List Startenders
Class: Essential Mixology
This class is for any level of experience. It is a one-day, 4-hour crash course where you get to build everything from classic cocktails to learning techniques on how to detail any drink with fresh fruit and herbs.

Side Note: A-List Startenders also offers a two-week professional bartender program (just in case you were looking for a part-time gig ?).

Location: 4401 N Milwaukee Chicago, IL 60630
Class Date: June 4
Time: 2-6 p.m.
Price: $65

Femme du Coupe

Have a night in with this fun mixology class with a feminine flare! Femme du Coupe brings the class to you, so you can learn how to make the best drinks from the comfort of your home. They bring recipes for you to keep, and they can host any mixology event from work to bachelorette parties.

Contact them on their website for class availability and pricing.

Lush Mobile Bar

Class: Stir & Shake Bartending Class

Learn and taste a variety of signature, boutique, and craft cocktail & shooter recipes with this chic class. This one-day, two-hour class comes with complimentary hor d’oeurves, as well! The course and drinks change every month, so feel free to attend this class more than once.

Location: 4356 W Ford City Drive in Chicago, IL 60652
Class Days: Friday and Saturdays
Time: 8-10 p.m.
Price: $60

Hollow Leg

From reviews, Hollow Leg is a great mixology experience from start to finish. The well-experienced instructor allows you to create drinks from scratch (recipe-free), and even uses local ingredients. They also have a swanky rooftop venue to host your mixology party. Check out their Facebook to keep up with their latest events and some fun cocktail recipes.

Contact them on their website for class availability and pricing.

Have you taken any mixology classes in Chicago? Let us know which one was your favorite and why below!

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