Chicago Margarita Fest: Yes, Please.

As I’m writing this article, it’s Monday. Today began like any other day. I got up, ate a little breakfast, showered, got dressed, and walked to my car. As I walked up I found a large orange parking ticket on my windshield… not cool, Monday. Not cool at all.

I drive to work, pull into the parking garage and park my car. I get out and notice that I’ve parked the guy in on my right side. I’m late and in a hurry, but I can’t just leave someone hanging like that. I hop back in, hastily begin backing out, and…



To my amazement, I found that I had left a huge scratch on both my car and his in my rash display of poor decision-making.


I stood there for a minute in utter shock, until, ever so slowly, my still half-asleep brain began remembering one important fact: I’m going to Chicago Margarita Fest this weekend!

We’ve all had those days, hell; we’ve all had those weeks. Nothing to do but deal with it, put it in the rear view mirror, and sip some margs, right?


Really though, who’s ready to drink margaritas and party? ‘Cause that’s what we’re gonna do! Check your baggage at the door and grab some friends so we can celebrate with live music, dancing, food, and fireworks over beautiful Lake Michigan. This fest is a bit different than the usual Chicago music fest, and we couldn’t be happier that’s the case. Here’s what you’re in for:

Peace-Abiding Music


While most music fests appear to push the woofers to the limit, Chicago Margarita Fest takes the opposite approach. You’ll hear music, sure, but it won’t be crazy loud. It’s refined, it’s elegant, it’s sophisticated, and best of all, it’s relaxing.



There’s both casual dancing and a salsa dancing contest to take part in here, but if that’s not for you, the fest has bags (or corn hole, whatever you call it), outdoor jenga, and volleyball.



Chicago Margarita Fest is located at Northerly Island, the big, park-like peninsula just south of Soldier Field and the Museum Campus. It’s not that far off the beaten path that you’d have to trek there, but it’s far enough from the commotion of the city to get away for hours and forget about the hubbub on the other side of the water.



The grand finale! Everyone loves fireworks, and it’s typically reason enough to come down to the loop to check them out. Here, it’s just another ingredient to the perfect escape.

Want to learn more about Chicago Margarita Fest? Check out their official site,


Chicago Margarita Festival Takes Place on Saturday, July 25th at Northerly Island (1521 S. Lynn White Dr.) from noon to 9 pm.