The Top 5 Chicago Instagrams You Need to Follow in 2018

Looking to revamp your Instagram feed in 2018? Well, we’ve got you covered.

In an effort to make sure that you, our beloved readers, have access to the best damn content on the internet, we embarked on a painstaking (re: super fun) journey to find the absolute greatest Instagram accounts in Chicagoland. And after days spent back-stalking far too many people – and accidentally liking a few posts from 2012 in the process – I think we’ve finally found them.


Here are the top 5 Chicago Instagrams you should be following come January.



5. Sam the Bully

Festively praying this beer will warm me up on this bitter cold chicago day. #holidayvibes

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@samthebully, 12.2k followers


Rounding out our number 5 spot is the cutest darn English Bull Terrier I’ve probably ever seen. What I persoanlly believe to be a hugely underrated account, Sam the Bully’s heartbreakingly adorable posts will brighten up even the darkest of feeds. I mean, just look at how cozy he is? Who wouldn’t want to see that little guy’s face everyday?

Plus, Sam’s pictures often feature awesome locally-brewed or craft beers, perfect for that anyone looking to combine their love of alcohol and pups into one.


Follow Sam’s (and, presumably, his human’s) account here.



4. Emma Lenhart

have you seen the new yet? it’s POPPIN’ (and my pride + joy) ?? click the link in my bio to see it! #myboohoostyle

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@emmaklenhart, 16.5k followers


As someone who’s life is literally never not messy, there is nothing more soothing to me than a color coded Instagram. Emma’s black & white toned account showcases a rockstar mix of fashion, products and travel, making her page an awesome source for anyone in the mood for a lil minimalist lifestyle inspo.

A Chicago-based college student who makes me feel very under-accomplished, Emma’s Instagram is also relatively accessible, meaning that most of the products and services she features are actually doable for us average Joes. A win-win, if you ask me.

Follow her account – and check out her blog! – here.


3. Nathan Michael

@nathanmichael, 102k followers

Nathan Michael is the founder of, and evil creative genius behind, Low Res, a Chicago based project and events studio in the West Loop. As such, Nathan’s personal Instagram is downright beautiful. Featuring everything from new restaurants to super cool art projects, this account is pretty much the definition of #goals.

Be warned though, the more time you spend on Nathan’s feed, the more likely you are to want to quit your day job flex your Creative Muscle which, not-so-coincidentally, is also the name of his stellar podcast.

Follow Nathan’s account on Insta here.


2. Jennifer Lake

@jenniferlake, 150k followers

Need a boost of color in your life? Jenn Lake is your girl for any and all things bright.

A fashion account by trade, Jenn’s posts always feature pops of color in the most unexpected ways. Whether she’s posing in front of one of the city’s many murals or modeling a cool designer look I could never pull off, Jenn’s photos are always some of the most dazzling on my feed.

Her long-form blog, Style Charade, has been a Chicago favorite for a couple of years now, and is one of my favorite sites to visit when in need of some online-window-shopping therapy.

To follow her account and/or check out some of the looks she’s been showin off go ahead and visit the site here.


1. Meghan Laurie

@meghanlaurie, 100k followers

Meghan has got the lifestyle Instagram game on lock.

A relative up-and-comer in the IG world, Meghan’s posts feature a stellar mix of professional photo shoots, modeling gigs and everyday snapshots that are sure to light up your day. Though she does do plenty of sponsored work, Meghan says that her Instagram is largely focused on spreading some good old fashioned positivity to the world by sharing the things she loves with you.

I’m maybe just a little obsessed with her feed at the moment, which is why we placed her on this list (and why we’re lowkey stoked to team up with her to release some cool n’ quality content coming in 2018).

To follow Meghan’s account or read up on her life, check out her blog here.



Have any other IG accounts you think we should follow? Let us know in the comments!