Chicago in 9,000 Captivating Photos

Just how beautiful is Chicago?

Marcel Lesch, an 18-year-old photographer/moviemaker from Bonn, Germany has pieced together his 9,000 photographs of Chicago into one jaw-dropping five-minute video.  The craziest part? He took all of the photos in just a day and a half.

Yeah, he took 9,000 photos while traveling around Chicago to capture the most amazing shots possible in just 36 hours. That’s dedication.


Marcel captures everything from runners taking part in a race to the multitudes of tourists congregating at The Bean. Of course, you also get to see images of the Chicago Riverwalk, Michigan Avenue, and the skyline.


Still, his ability to photograph exactly what a day in Chicago is like is what sets him apart. Not only do you see the usual skyscrapers and majestic views – you get to see people going about their daily lives. Sightseers are intermixed with office workers on their lunch breaks, pedestrians are shown navigating the traffic, and families can be seen hanging out around Lincoln Park. It’s in these moments that the timelapse project really shines.

Here’s what Marcel had to say about the whole thing:


“Enjoy my second Timelapse-Project which I realized in Chicago, IL. I had 1,5 days to shoot 9.000 pictures to make this happen! A lot of walking, shooting and a good timing! I hope you like it. I fell in love with Chicago while I made this Movie! “

If you’re looking for more of Marcel’s best pictures, check out his Instagram account.


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