Chicago Officially Has the Worst Commute in the Nation

NBC Chicago shared a recent study by Auto Accessories Garage that confirms what all working Chicagoans have suspected. Our city actually does have the worst commute ever.

Well, maybe not ever, but definitely the worst in the country. That’s still pretty painful. At an average of 32.4 minutes, Chicago took the number one spot for the longest commute of America’s most populous cities. To think – our city has a longer commute than New York, a city that’s over three times our size. That’s saying something.


The study takes into account both commuters who drive and who use public transportation, based on findings from a US Census Bureau report. Also included in the study were the most populous cities with the shortest commutes. Check out the results for both below:

Most populous cities with the longest commute:

  1. Chicago: 32.4 minutes
  2. Philadelphia: 31.2 minutes
  3. New York: 29.5 minutes
  4. Miami: 29.5 minutes
  5. Los Angeles: 28.9 minutes

Most populous cities with the shortest commute:

  1. Omaha: 18.4 minutes
  2. Wichita: 18.5 minutes
  3. Tulsa: 18.6 minutes
  4. Nashville: 19.6 minutes
  5. Oklahoma City: 19.7 minutes

Could it be that cities like Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles have longer commutes simply because they’re larger than other cities like Omaha and Nashville? We think that’s fair to say. But we’ve all been there when it reaches a certain unbearable point, when it’s 8am and you’ve been sitting on I-55 for almost an hour and a half, and you just can’t help but think, “this makes no sense.”


Originally Reported by NBC Chicago


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