Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Gear up for an exciting game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers as the two teams prepare for an epic match scheduled on December 4, 2022. Fans of both teams are beyond thrilled to see who gets to step into the postseason. 

The teams will play at the Bears’ home field, Soldier Field, located at 1410 Special Olympics Drive, Chicago, IL. Grab your tickets soon to witness the event and see them in their most glorious form.


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The Green Bay Packers compete in the NFL as a part of the NFC North division. They have appeared in the playoffs 35 times and won eleven NFL championships, four Super Bowls, nine Conference championships, and 21 division titles. 


The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, play for the NFC North Division. They were established in 1920 and have since won eight NFL titles before the AFL-NFL merger, one Super Bowl, 19 Division championships, and four conference titles.

You can purchase cheap tickets online if you’re excited to see the upcoming Bears Vs Packers game. The lowest-priced tickets are usually for the seats on the upper level. But if you wish to opt for better seating locations, they are available, too. 


The Bears and the Packers are long-standing rivals, and games between them are always highly awaited by NFL fans. With star players featured on both teams, the outcome is unpredictable and thrilling. Don’t miss your opportunity to grab tickets at good deals to see the game without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bears Vs Packers Tickets

How Much Are Bears Vs Packers Tickets?

NFL tickets for the upcoming Bears Vs Packers game at Soldier Field cost $627 on average. You can get affordable tickets for upper-level seats at just $203. If you wish to buy Bears Vs Packers tickets that allow you to get close to the live action, you should expect to spend as high as $1686. Ticket prices vary based on venue size, seat location, game day, and various other aspects.


How to get cheap Bears Vs Packers Tickets?

There’s no need to stress about getting Bears Vs Packers tickets for the upcoming season, as tickets are available at a low price of $203.

How To Buy Bears Vs Packers Tickets?

You can purchase Bears Vs Packers tickets online at affordable rates.


Are Bears Vs Packers Tickets Game Sold Out At Soldier Field?

There’s still time for you to secure a seat at the next Bears Vs Packers game, as tickets are available online. The upcoming game will occur at Soldier Field on December 4, 2022.

Where Is The Bears Vs Packers Located In Chicago?

The upcoming Bears Vs Packers game is happening at Soldier Field, a multipurpose stadium located at 1410 Special Olympics Drive, Chicago, IL. 


What Is The Bears Vs Packers Start Time In Chicago?

The next Bears Vs Packers game will happen soon, on December 4, 2022, at Soldier Field. So, you shouldn’t worry about waiting too long to see your favorite players in action.