UrbanMatter’s Guide to the Best Summer Beers in NYC

When the weather finally turns from icicle-cold to sweltering, it’s time to adjust your beer tastes to those classic summer flavors. From tropical tangs to cherrywood aftertastes, these beers are ready to rock your world, and, also your mouth.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best brewers in NYC and our favorite selection of beers that match the vibe of the summer. So, whether you’re hitting up a weekend music festival, grilling BBQ on a rooftop high above the city, or casually sipping at your local bar, you’ll want to keep this list on hand all season.


Follow the UrbanMatter guide to some of the smoothest summer beers in NYC and you can’t go wrong!



Watermelon Session Ale

Montauk Brewing Company
Photo Credit: Montauk Brewing Company Facebook

Montauk Brewing Company, 4.9% ABV

Crispy, juicy, and all-around great flavor, this Montauk Brewing favorite is only available from March through September, so it’s easy to make this fruity ale your summer anthem.



Kim Hibiscus Sour Lager

Kim Hibiscus
Photo Credit: SingleCut Beersmiths Tap Room Facebook

SingleCut Beersmiths, 4.2% ABV


There’s really no better way to cultivate the taste of summer than to put together a delectable blend of sweet and sour flavors. This wheat malt makes for a bomb-ass burger pairing.



Vibes Summer Ale

Braven Brewing

Photo Credit: Braven Brewing Facebook


Braven Brewing Company, 4.6% ABV

This one speaks for itself. Pair this lemon-and-lime beer with a plate of BBQ ribs on a rooftop patio and life couldn’t get better.



Holy Mother of Citrus

Bronx Brewery
Photo Credit: The Bronx Brewery Facebook

The Bronx Brewery, 8.56% ABV

Skip their summer brew and go with this juicy, alcohol-heavy captivation. You’re sure to pick up on the hints of mandarin and malt as you sip on this India pale ale.


Chelsea Fruited Wheat

Chelsea Fruited Wheat

Chelsea Craft Brewing Company, 6.0% ABV

This fruity amalgamation of blueberry, raspberry, cherry, tangerine, blackberry, and strawberry makes the Chelsea Fruited Wheat taste just like sangria. Literally, to die for. 


Mermaid Pilsner

Mermaid Pilsner
Photo Credit: Coney Island Brewery Facebook

Coney Island Brewing Company, 5.2% ABV

Delightfully hopped, whatever that means to you pilsner lovers, this nautical-themed beer will make you feel like a princess under the sea. There’s also a Merman IPA with 5.8% ABV, if you’re into something a little more biting.


Brooklyn Summer Ale

Summer Ale
Photo Credit: The Brooklyn Brewery Facebook

Brooklyn Brewery, 5.0% ABV

A perfect accompaniment to a punk outdoor summer music festival, this bittersweet ale gives you that sublime buzz you’ve been craving while you jam out to Blink-182.


Ethereal Haze

Other Half
Photo Credit: Other Half Brewing Instagram

Other Half Brewing Company, 6.2% ABV

No, I didn’t just choose this one for the cool name and even cooler packaging, though you have to admit, if you saw this on the menu, you’d take a stab at it too. Not to mention its high alcohol content, so you really can expect to feel that ethereal haze by a few beers in.


Metropolitan Lager

Photo Credit: Mike Shane on Flagship Facebook

Flagship Brewing Company, 5.6% ABV

If you prefer to swig down something a little heavier, this smooth, hearty lager is perfect for your summer BBQs.


Sour Golden Ale

Transmitter Brewing
Photo Credit: Transmitter Brewing Instagram

Transmitter Brewing, 6.5% ABV

This one will give your tastebuds a delightful shock as you experience the sweet ‘n’ sour mashup of flavor that this tart ale inspires.


Strange Shadows from the Flames

Photo Credit: SingleCut Beersmiths Instagram

SingleCut Beersmiths, 7.2% ABV

Once again, the name of this beer caught my eye, but that’s not the only reason it’s on our list. Basically flavored after Jack Daniel’s with its smoke-and-honey taste, this summer stout means business.