The Best New Memes of 2018…So Far

We may only be a few weeks into the new year, but that’s still plenty of time for the people of the internet to cook up a couple of completely wild, viral memes.

So, for you’re reading pleasure, we’ve decided to compile a running list of the best ones we could find.


Here are the greatest memes of 2018.

So far, that is.



Mariah Carey’s Hot Tea

2018 Memes
Photo Credit: Mariah Carey Instagram

As you may or may not (but most likely, do) know, Mariah Carey performed at the NYE ball drop again this year. And while, no, it wasn’t nearly as much of a total mess as her 2016 performance, our dear friend Mariah did manage to make headlines once again.





Yup, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve got dragged by Mariah on live TV for forgetting to get her some hot tea. And it was glorious.




Obviously, her words took off, becoming the first official meme of the year and, now, the perfect line for when 2018 inevitably lets you down.



Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve Outfit

2018 Memes
Photo Credit: TheGrio

Oh, Steve, just what are we gonna do with you?

Though already pretty well known for his, uhm, interesting suit choices, the outfit Harvey chose to wear on NYE 2018 was truly something else.



Comparisons ranged from the Michelin Man to Frosty, and people did not hold their feelings back.




Michaela Coel on Black Mirror Season 4

Memes 2018
Photo Credit: Netflix

I think we can all agree that Michaela Coel’s appearance on Black Mirror Season 4’s “USS Callister” was, in a word, iconic. But in between kickin’ ass and taking names, Michaela also managed to give us this one, perfect expression.

And we couldn’t be more thankful.



Seriously, it’s just too applicable.



Perfection, honestly.



Tide Pod Challenge

2018 Memes
Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

I really don’t think I need to explain this one to you.





Side Note: Please, seriously, please, do not eat a Tide Pod. For the love of Go, don’t do it.



The Google Arts and Culture App

Memes 2018
Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Google’s new “Arts and Culture” app, the hot new game that allows users to find their long-lost artistic twin via the search engine’s extensive database.



As you can see, the results are usually, shall we say, inaccurate, and therefore totally hilarious.



I mean, what can you expect from a iPhone facial scanner?



As you make ’em, we’ll post ’em. Check back soon for more of the best memes of 2018.

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