The Top 14 Hot Dogs in NYC

Bagels and schmear. Thin crust pizza. Real Chinese take out. A damn fine cup of coffee.

There are plenty of foods that define New York City. But, if we were forced to pick one menu item supreme in its New York-ness, it would have to be the hot dog.


A soft (seedless!) bun, a snappy natural casing dog, topped with spicy brown mustard and a ‘uge –yes, ‘uge – pile of sauerkraut? It doesn’t really get much more “NYC” than that.

So, in celebration of a classic, here are the 15 best hot dogs in NYC.



Guacuco Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Nooklyn

234 Starr St, Brooklyn 


Sure, Venezuelan cuisine might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think hot dog, but this casual Brooklyn spot has got some of the best in the city. Piled high with onions, cabbage, special sauces and a few other signature toppings, Guacuco may not be traditional, but it sure is good.




Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Huertas Instagram

107 1st Ave, East Village

An unsuspectingly good hot dog comes out of this East Village tapas joint. Though not always on the menu, their Basque Dog has been repeatedly named one of the best dogs both in NYC and in the country.



Mile End Deli

NYC Hot Dogs
Photo Credit: Mile End Deli

53 Bond St, Bowery 


Pigs. In. A. Blanket. Need we really say more? To quote Mile End “like your Bar Mitzah, but better.”



Brooklyn Diner

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Diner Instagram

155 W 43rd St, Midtown

The Brooklyn Diner’s 15 bite dog is a true classic: sauerkraut, mustard, and served with a side of fresh-cut fries.


Gray’s Papaya

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Kac Food

2090 Broadway, West Side

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there’s no time you can’t get one of the near perfect hot dogs from Gray’s.


Coney Island

Hot Dogs NYC

If you don’t know where Coney Island is, I can’t help you.

Home of the world famous hot dog eating contest, the coney island – chili, cheese, and all the toppings.


Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

Hot Dogs
Photo Credit: Dickson’s

75 9th Ave, Chelsea Market

Nothing spells a good hot dog like getting one right from the butcher.


Feltman’s Kitchen

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Feltman’s Kitchen

80 St Marks Pl, East Village

This teeny tiny window in the East Village sells some of the tastiest $2 hot dogs around town. Just look at em!



Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Frankel’s Instagram

631 Manhatten Ave, Brooklyn 

Frankel’s recession special – 2 hot dogs (with mustard and kraut, duh) and a can of pop – will only set you back $7.99. And it’ll be damn worth it.


The Cannibal

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: The Cannibal Instagram

113 E 29th St, Kips Bay

A fancier dog though it may be, The Cannibal’s all beef franks (and the Chinese mustard that comes with it) are definitely worth the extra cost.


Crif Dogs

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Crif Dogs Instagram

113 St Marks Pl, East Village

This hot dog focused joint has been feeding hungry bar goers and giddy stoners for years, and we can see why. Their creative concoctions, while not always traditional, are just the kind of mustard-dripping New York goodness we’re looking for in a truly great NYC dog.


Schaller’s Stube

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Schaller’s Stube Instagram

1652 2nd Ave, Upper East Side

This hot dog and sausage bar in the Upper East Side offers pretty much every kind of wiener imaginable. From currywurst to chilli cheese brats to, yes, your classic NY, Schaller’s has everything. I mean, what a beaut.


Katz’s Deli

Hot Dogs NYC
Photo Credit: Katz’s Instagram

205 East Houston St, East Side

So Katz’s may be best known for their deli meats, but their hot dogs are secretly just as fantastic.


Literally Any Street Cart

Hot Dogs NYC

Sure, they may be “dirty water dogs” but nothin – and I mean nothing – beats a NY street dog. Find yourself a Nathan’s cart, grab two dogs with kraut and yellow mustard, and off you go to have the best damn meal of your life. You’re welcome.


Featured Image Credit: Huertas Instagram

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