Are You Ready for Mother’s Day? You Should Be

I don’t know about you, but I was an absolute terror as a child. I ran around, put everything under the sun in my mouth, and hit my head incredibly hard on things more times than I can remember (I know… “That explains a lot, Genie.” Hardy har, you’re hilarious). My poor mother handled my upbringing like a saint, and I ended up turning out alright, as I’m sure you did too.

We all love our mothers dearly, but let’s face it, every year Mother’s Day tends to sneak up on you when we least expect it. You’re left scrambling around for plans, and you always end up with the “go to” flowers and brunch ordeal. I’m not knocking your plans by any means (I’m sure your mother loved it… she’s a nice lady), but wouldn’t it be nicer if you had something special in the bag for her this year?


Here are a few options that your mother is sure to love:

Afternoon Tea
A few years ago, I had the idea to start a new tradition with my mom. I took her out to tea at one of the major hotels in Chicago, and it was genuinely awesome for both of us. There was a harp playing in the background, and to be honest I had never even seen a live harp before in my life. The next year I took her to a different hotel, and we had a similarly great experience. I highly recommend checking out any of the great places that offer it in the city. I’ve been to the Drake and the Palmer House Hilton, and this year we’ll probably either go to the Langham or the Peninsula. These aren’t your only options though, so look around for others. I highly recommend trying this out at least once.


A Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise
I mentioned the usual brunch, but how about adding a twist to it? Take her out to Navy Pier and you can cruise along Lake Michigan on either the Odyssey or Spirit of Chicago. I’m willing to bet you $5 that your mother dearest will absolutely love her view of skyline as she sips mimosas in a state of pure bliss. Want to avoid brunch altogether? Take her on a dinner buffet cruise instead. There are three different cruise times for each ship, and if you get on it soon enough, you can save 20%.

You can even get there early or stay late and check out what Navy Pier has to offer. Even though I live within a mile or two of the pier, I can’t remember the last time I visited, and I doubt your mother does either. Yeah it’s touristy, but it’s also a lot of fun to check out the shops, attractions, and even ride the Ferris wheel. The key to a great Mother’s Day is thinking outside the box.


Take Her to a Spa
Is your mom in need of a relaxing spa day? Well you can finish up that afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel and take her directly over to their spa where they’re offering great deals for the holiday. You can even get yourself a nice massage at the same time (Remember when I said planning ahead was the way to go? This is why).

See a Show
Another option is to see a live performance. There’s an incredible selection of plays going around Mother’s Day in May, so if you can’t get to one on the exact day, don’t worry about it. One that we would recommend: I’m NOT My Mother!! A Side by Side Cabaret, a musical that showcases the experiences of growing up and growing old with your mom. If that doesn’t work for you, there are dozens of other shows to pick from too.


Like I said previously, the key is to think outside the box and do something sincere. If you choose one of these options, great. If you don’t, go with something original and put some thought into it. Your mom will love it!


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