7 New Illinois Laws for 2016

New Year, New Laws

There’s plenty of change in store for 2016: new mentalities, goals, workout routines, attitudes, diets, and now – laws. All of these were drawn from the legislation portion of the Illinois General Assembly’s website. You can read it yourself if you’d like, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s long & boring. Here are 7 New Illinois Laws for 2016.

1) Say Goodbye to Powdered Alcohol

The State of Illinois will now prohibit the sale of powdered alcohol products, citing the potential for sprinkling it in someone’s food or drink. The state believes that this substance would be used to drug others without their consent.

2) Body Cameras for Police

With all of the controversy surrounding the shooting deaths of more & more citizens each year, it was only a matter of time before states began to take action. Illinois has become one of the very first states to establish guidelines for body cameras, data storage, and the release of information to the public. It also prevents officers from using chokeholds.

3) Fake 911 Calls Will Cost You

Aside from detracting from the available officers should something actually happen, there is even more incentive to not intentionally phone in a fake 911 call in the new year. Fake calls can net you a quick $10,000 fine.

4) New State Pie

Pumpkin pie is now the Official State Pie of Illinois. It may seem like an odd change, but Illinois actually produces about 85% of America’s pumpkin crops. That’s an extremely large portion for just one state to yield.

5) Gay Conversion Therapy is Taking a Hit

It’s hard to believe that it even still exists, but gay conversion therapy will be banned for anyone under the age of 18. Advertisements will no longer be able to list homosexuality as an illness.

6) This One’s for the Pets

Pets now have new forms of protection, which include stricter penalties for owners who leave them outdoors during extreme weather conditions. Shelters must also scan a pet for a chip within 24 hours of its arrival at the facility.

7) Experimental Treatments

Terminally ill patients in Illinois will now have the right to test out experimental treatment. They must first consider all FDA-approved treatments, however.