6 Reasons to Attend the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival

Structured Mayhem.

Those are the only two words that truly describe the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival, the single largest fest of its kind in the entire United States. How do you bring organization to something so large? We don’t really know, but luckily we aren’t in charge of figuring that out. Either way, this festival isn’t something you want to miss. Honestly, there are so many activities that we can’t even list them all. Still, here are our top 6 reasons to attend the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival:


1) Umm… Shopping

Like, duh.


Seriously though, almost any shop that you’re looking to buy from is offering some type of special or deal. Everything from Water Tower Place and 900 North Michigan to the Shops at North Bridge falls under the umbrella here. Bring an extra pair of hands to hold all of those bags.

2) The Pop-Up Marketplace


Are the hundreds upon hundreds of shops just not doing it for you? Behold, the Pop-Up Marketplace, the Genie’s favorite reason to check this fest out. The marketplace offers a variety of free activities and product samples at Pioneer Court (401N. Michigan) on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 4-5. Shops include Nordstrom, American Girl Place & Brookfield Zoo, among others.

3) Women’s Half Marathon & 5K


Who’s ready to run? The Women’s Half Marathon is the only event in the entire world to include the Mag Mile as it’s centerpiece, and you can join thousands of other women who seek to conquer the area like never before. Of course, a half marathon is quite a long way, so they’re also offering up the 5K option. Let’s see what you’ve got!

4) Shake Out “Fun Run”


A completely free “warm up” kicks Saturday morning off the right way, offering a few mile run and “shake out” that you’re welcome to join whether you’re participating in the longer runs or not. It’s hosted by Chicago Endurance Sports Coaches, meaning it’s not a bad place to pick up some new techniques. Plus, the first 100 participants who arrive get a free shirt

5) Deals, Deals, Deals


Aside from the numerous shopping deals we’ve mentioned again and again now, numerous other businesses have rolled out the red carpet for festivalgoers this weekend. You can find amazing deals at hotels, dining/nightlife spots, attractions & spas. A few of our favorites include a deluxe room upgrade, welcome cocktails, and 10% off Macy’s discount card at the Sheraton Hotel, complementary dessert at Eataly, 20% off all dining cruises for the weekend, and $16 parking for 3 hours.

6) It’s Good for You


Yep, shopping in Chicago is good for your health. It’s on the internet, so it has to be true. Right? Right.


The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival takes place from September 4-7 along the Mag Mile and Grant Park. You can find more details here.



Photo Credit: The Chicago Sun Times