6 Places to Get the Best Bubble Tea in Chicago

What’s necessary for summer? Answer: Soft serve and bubble tea! Also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, or simply “boba,” this Asian drink was invented in Taichung in the 1980s. Slurping up the chewy tapioca pearls through a thick straw is ~oddly satisfying~ and the drink itself will give you a pep in your step! Now that you’re craving this delicious beverage, check out these top places to get the best bubble tea in Chicago. 


1632 W Division St. Chicago, IL 60622

From rich and creamy ice cream to yummy bubble tea, Kurimu’s menu has been crafted with the ultimate creativity and thought. Try their Boba Milk Tea with assam black, jasmine green, or earl grey tea. Or go for the Black Sugar Boba Latte for something a little different!



2026 S Clark St Unit G. Chicago, IL 60616


Here’s a cool story: once upon a time, a group of people found it very difficult to find a good cup of pure tea which not only tasted great but consisted of pure/natural ingredients. Therefore, this group decided to take matters into their own hands and launch Tsaocaa. Favorites include Double Purple Bubble Milk, Cocoa Bubble Milk, and Uji Matcha Bubble Milk. The hardest part will be choosing!

Vivi Bubble Tea

333 S State St. Chicago, IL 60604

Don’t be shy, “pop” into (sorry, had to) this adorable downtown location for cuppa pure joy. Try their 3Q Milk Tea, a special signature drink with pudding, herb jelly, and tapioca. Or you can’t go wrong with their Jasmine Lychee Tea or Oreo Creme Brulee. Pro-tip: get double tapioca for an extra $1.50 (trust us). 


108 N State St Block 37 Pedway. Chicago, IL 60602

A milk tea ATM? Say no more. Mycha is a fridge-slash-vending-machine with a variety of bubble tea, fruit tea, and coffee selections serving the Chicagoland area. Get your Asian drink fix 24/7 with menu items like Roasted Oolong Milk Tea with Crystal Boba or Genmaicha Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Crystal Boba. Yum and yum!

Te’amo Boba Bar

520 N Michigan Ave Ste 421. Chicago, IL 60611

The folks at Te’Amo are all about love – love for health, tea, and one another. Their staff takes time to research and deliver the highest quality of organic ingredients and lead the tea community to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking for something unique, try their Te’amo O2 — a floral lemonade with Te’amo Q and crystal boba. Or go for the Dalgona Matcha w Boba. Both options are *chef’s kiss.*


1139 W Taylor St. Chicago, IL 60607

Come here for the unique mochi + donut combo. Stay for their epic bubble teas! Choose from six flavors including from Ube, Matcha, Coffee, Thai, Milk, or Brown Sugar. Each pairs perfectly with bright purple Ube or Black Sugar Mochinut. Cheers!

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