5 Ways to Get Fresh Air Now That Some Chicago Beaches and Parks Are Closed

COVID-19 may be keeping everyone at home, but going outside and getting fresh air is a great way to keep up with social distancing, and still keep your body moving. The beaches may have closed, but here are five great ways to get outside without going to the beach!

Take a walk down the Magnificent Mile

This iconic 13 block stretch in Chicago is known for the fantastic stores and scenic lakefront. Running from the Chicago River to Oak St. near the North Side, it is a mile-long stretch filled with beauty. With the streets being empty, this quiet walk is a great way to get out of the house and move!


Take work calls and meetings outside

If you can, take your work calls and virtual meetings outside! Going out and soaking in the sunshine can be a great way to get your work done while getting outside.

Open up your windows

With the weather slowly getting nicer, this is the best time to turn off your heat/AC and get some fresh air flowing through your house. With the start of a new season, opening your home and taking in a few deep breaths can clear your mind and bring peace to your day.


Take a drive down Lake Shore

As any resident of Chicago knows, Lake Shore Drive is constantly filled with heavy traffic and busy with the hustle and bustle the city brings. Since everyone is at home, taking a drive down the scenic Lake Shore is as easy as ever.

Have a picnic

Taking your lunch or dinner outdoors with your family or even by yourself can be a great way to get some fresh air. Just watch out for those bugs! Bringing some insect repellent would be a great idea!