5 Reasons to Check Out Chicago Fashion Fest

With never-ending fashion, live entertainment, and a pinch of Latin zing to top it all off, Chicago Fashion Fest is sure to be a big hit among festivalgoers and fashionistas alike. There are some huge personalities hosting the event, and it’s located in Chicago’s Fashion District, right where it should be. Plus, drinks include craft beers, wine, and sangria (which basically means we’ll be there). Here are the standout highlights:

1) Shopping


We’re going to let you in on a little secret here: even if someone swears on their life that they absolutely cannot stand shopping whatsoever…

…They secretly like shopping. You can take that to the bank.


And fashion is more than just apparel. The fest has salons, beauty products, innovative food & drink creations, and kid-friendly merchandise (so you can keep them happy when all else fails).

2) Live Entertainment


Yes, there’s live music, 12 bands worth of it to be exact. You can check them out here. That’s only half of the story though. There’s also a riding bull and a runway where you can watch models sporting the latest trends. Not bad, Chicago Fashion Fest. Not bad.

3) Food & Drinks


There’s a wine tasting area in addition to the drinks we mentioned up above. Need we say more?

4) The Hosts


It’s not very often that we get excited about hosts because… well, hosts aren’t usually that exciting. These hosts are actually pretty cool though. With Natalie Martinez from NBC, Lourdes Duarte from WGN, and Whitney Reynolds from PBS, we’re looking at a pretty star-studded lineup here.

5) Dog Fest & Kids Area


The adults are sure to have fun with the mechanical bull, which of course will lead to begging children who want to give it a spin. Chicago Fashion Fest knows this all too well, and they’ve added in a kid’s version just for that reason. Don’t think your young’un will like it? Their eyes will light up when they see the FIVE (count ‘em, five) bounce houses next door.

Planning on bringing your four-legged friend? The fest features 10 doggie vendors, water activities, and a grassy play area for them to do dog things in.


And pet boutiques, baby. Pet boutiques.

Chicago Fashion Fest takes place on Saturday & Sunday, August 29-30 on Division and Damen in Wicker Park/West Town. You can purchase tickets here.


Photo Credit: Chicago Fashion Fest