5 Best Spots Around Chicago to Get High on 4/20

You guessed it. It’s 4/20! Time to get hiiiigh! Since recreational marijuana has been legalized in Illinois, fellow stoners, like yourself (you’re reading this so it’s safe to assume you’re a cannabis user), are finding unique and chill places to get high. And if you read my last article on dispensaries, you’ll know that Chicago has plenty of shops to purchase weed. So, stock up and head on over to one of our five favorite spots around Chicago to get high this 4/20.

Montrose Harbor

601 W. Montrose Drive, Chicago, IL 60614

Montrose offers outstanding northern views of the skyline and easy access to parks and beaches that straddles Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Wrigleyville. The best time to enjoy your high is at night when you can see the lit up skyline. With the weather slowly warming up, this is the perfect place to sit by the water and get stoned, or enjoy your trip. 


Lakefront Trail

Yet another favorite spot is the lakefront trail. You can either sit by the water and roll a joint or come high and watch the waves crash. Your choice, but it’s worth coming here to enjoy the skyline and fresh air. 


Lincoln Park Zoo/ Trail 

2001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614


Normally I wouldn’t recommend getting high in such a busy place, but Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the best places to get high. If you’re wanting to smoke during the day, I would recommend doing that before and then taking a walk through the zoo. But, if you’re like me and zoos aren’t really your thing, Lincoln Park has a cool trail that you can walk or just chill at. It’s pretty secluded, so you can roll one out without any distractions. 

The 606

1805 N Ridgeway Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

The famous 606 trail is also on this list. Although it is sometimes packed if you come towards the evening and take a few minutes to find your spot, it’s a perfect place to smoke weed. Light up while strolling on the trail as you pass through multiple Chicago neighborhoods. 

Ping Tom Memorial Park 

1700 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616

Ping Tom Memorial Park is a 17.24-acre public urban park in Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood, in the South Side, Chicago. Park goers  come to Ping Tom Park to enjoy Night Out in the Parks special events such as concerts and dance performances on the lawn, Shakespeare in the Park, Movies in the Park screenings, and much more. So if you’re looking to actually do something while you’re high that requires minimal effort. This might be the spot for you. Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie while high or enjoy a concert or two? 

Spots to Get High Chicago Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Disclaimer: This article was written for entertainment purposes only. We are not advocating breaking the law by smoking weed in public. *But* if you did, these are five pretty dope spots, just saying.