3 Reasons Why C2E2 Isn’t Just for Nerds

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, or C2E2 as it’s called, is often labeled as a convention for geeks, nerds, dorks, techies, IT guys, and people who own 20-sided die. While I’m not a big fan of labeling people, I do consider myself a bit of a nerd too, so I’m here to stand up for dorks everywhere when I say C2E2 is freakin’ cool and you should check it out.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Okay random author on the internet, I’m definitely not going to check that out, but thanks.”


Well… you’re the real loser dude.

Even if you’re not completely into what C2E2 has to offer at first glance, the convention is fun, and you should give it a chance. Here’s why:


You Probably Like Video Games
I’d be willing to bet my not so huge life savings that 99% of people who’ve tried them like at least one video game of some kind. Think about it— there’s Angry Birds, Wii Bowling, Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Candy Crush, Pong, that handheld poker game your grandma plays, and even Flappy Bird (just kidding, nobody actually liked that game).

My point is, not everyone has played 1000 hours of World of Warcraft, but if you’re still going around saying that video games are nerdy, you should probably take a look in the mirror at your nerdy, video gaming self.


The Guests
Please, please, please walk up to CM Punk and tell him that he’s nerdy. I dare you.

Disclaimer: ChicagoGenie is not responsible for any injuries that result from calling CM Punk a nerd.


Some other guests: M. Night Shyamalan, Matt Dillon, and Sean Astin—a director and two actors. Don’t even try to tell me that movies are nerdy… just don’t.

You know who else will be there? Over 400 artists with their work on display. Like I said, I’m not one to label people, but if you don’t appreciate art, then you should probably take a class on the finer things in life (I’m totally labeling you, sorry).


The People
You’re going to see people dressed up as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and maybe even Aquaman or hopefully (my personal favorite) Quailman. On the surface, yes, that’s kind of dorky, but you know what? We embrace the dorkiness! Us dorks are perfectly fine with who we are as people, and because of that, we’re actually really cool once you get to know us. We’re not the type to sit around and act all shy when we meet you; we introduce ourselves with a smile and a handshake (or the Star Trek equivalent) and we act like genuine people should.

I mean really, the meanest thing someone would do to you is slam their staff on the ground in front of you and yell, “You shall not pass!” That’s not so bad right?


Check out C2E2 on April 26th at McCormick Place. You’re going to love it.

Worst-case scenario, you can sit back and laugh at our goofy costumes and quirky interests. Just keep an eye out for CM Punk… he’s watching you.


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