$25 All Day Parking in Chicago

Parking Made Easy

You’ve probably noticed by now that we showcase parking specials for hotels, big events, Chicago’s flourishing nightlife, and businesses near our featured garages.

Well, we’ve got a new deal for you that we think will easily top all the rest:


$25 All Day Parking.

So why is this such a big deal? You can use this special regardless of your destination or plans for the day.


Not going to a specific place on our list? Cool with us. Going to sit by the lake? Bring a camera! Have some shopping to do? Well… we’re in the market for a new lamp if you see any.

The best part, this deal sacrifices nothing from our hotel special, meaning you’ll still receive exclusive in & out privileges at most garages when you book parking for multiple days. Plus, we still offer the usual $35 All Day special that offers in & out privileges for a single day. We still don’t know of any other place in Chicago where you can find in & out privileges besides the Genie, so we’re pretty proud to offer them whenever and wherever we can.


So what are you waiting for? Start planning your weekend today and use one of our locations as your own personal garage. We’re here for two purposes: to tell you all about our magnificent city, and to make parking easier than ever. The entire city is at your disposal. So what will you do next?