11 Things You’re Sure to See at the Taste of Chicago

Chicago’s largest food fest is right around the corner, and we’re too excited over here at the Genie. We’ve taken a look at the Taste of Chicago and drew from our previous experiences to provide you with a complete list of things you’re not going to miss (although you may want to miss a few). If you’re looking for more info on the event, be sure to see our guide too.

Sweaty People, Sweaty People Everywhere


This one is sort of a necessary evil, and since you’ll probably be contributing to the masses of them, you really can’t complain about it either.

Exotic Foods 


Nothing like a little rattlesnake & rabbit sausage to start your day off on the right foot! Some other notable menu items: alligator sausage, avocado toast, and sautéed goat. Mmm.



We just like saying it.

Drunk People


Or as we like to call them, beer offspring. There’s bound to be at least one, but you probably won’t see too many of these with the high price of drinks, so don’t worry.

The Inside of a Port-a-Potty


For obvious reasons.

Live Music


You’ll have to buy tickets to see the bigger acts, but the Bud Light Stage has free access and features live music throughout the day.

Bacon on a Stick


Or as we’d like to call it, Heaven.

Bacon Mac n’ Cheese

Double Heaven?

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Triple Heaven.

Eli’s Cheesecake Birthday Celebration

We’re kind of cheating because you’re only going to see this on July 11th, but they’re cutting a giant cheesecake and giving out free pieces. We figured that was worth mentioning.

Buckingham Fountain

You can see it, check out its shows every hour (they’re lit up at night), and use it as a meeting point in case you get lost.



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