10 Dank Stains of Weed That Will Get You Super High

Mary Jane is known by a lot of names these days, chief among them: legal. Quarantine doesn’t have to be dull when you have your best buds. Check out this list of the top strains of weed, and see if you can find them at Chicago dispensaries near you. Happy 420!

Space Monkey

85% indica; 15% sativa


Out of this world, y’all. Space Monkey is an excellent strain of weed for days on the couch with a package of Oreos. Space Money will help ease the excess anxiety and stress from the quarantine. Escape to sublime relaxation with your primate friend from the stars!


30% indica; 70% sativa


You might not be able to brunch on Sunday, but you’ll brunch erryday with Mimosa. Mimosa is the perfect wake ‘n’ bake strain that increases focus and lifts your energy. If you’re confronted with a stressful work-from-home day, Mimosa’s citrus aroma and woody flavor will let you carpe the diem with these easy-breezy brunch vibes.


55% indica; 45% sativa


Ben and Jerry’s ain’t got nothing on Gelato — and that’s saying a lot! More of a head high than a body high, this weed strain effortlessly pairs tranquility with its earthy aromas and creativity with its sweet taste. You may not be Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked… but you’ll be ready for some!

Girl Scout Cookies

60% indica; 40% sativa


Stock up on your favorite cookies before you light up your Girl Scout Cookies strain. Although best for folks who are better acquainted with smoking marijuana, this strain of weed alleviates arthritic pains while giving you a euphoric sense of well-being. The flavor profile is sweet with a nutty, vanilla aroma. Thin Mints? Never heard of ’em.

Wedding Cake

60% indica; 40% sativa


Wedding bells may not be ringing this spring — in person. Say “I do” to this strain. This strain will give more of a head high than anything – but don’t let that fool you. The more you acquaint yourself with Wedding Cake, the more you’ll feel an intense body high. Wedding Cake is appealing because it makes your body feel heavy and warm while keeping your mind creative and aware.

Pink Lemonade

80% indica; 20% sativa


Make lemonade with your quarantine lemons… sort of. Pink Lemonade is an ideal weed strain for those who need a little more inspiration with their work and creativity. This strain is a favorite among people because it can help you maintain focus without making you feel amped up. Not available at neighborhood lemonade stands.


70% indica; 30% sativa


Cheesecake, much like its name suggests, is a creamy and sweet strain with dank candy aromas. Cheesecake is best for folks who want to feel relaxed, heavy, and sleepy while still being able to participate in (or even lead) conversations. You’ll have a sweet, almost lackadaisical awareness of your surroundings, so cheesecake is best for staving your anxiety and inviting sleepy vibes.

Triple G (AKA Ghost OG)

70% indica; 30%sativa

Marijuana’s version of the Holy Trinity. Triple G is the union of tranquil relaxation, increased appetite (!), and deep, almost profound, contemplative thoughts. This strain of weed is not for the casual smoker or those new to the weed bandwagon. Triple G floods your senses with a sleepy creativity, while also giving you a heavy body high.

Zkittlez (AKA Skittles, Skittlz)

40% indica; 60% sativa

Taste the rainbow — and maybe see it, too! Zkittlez is a euphoric option for those who can get past the initial effects (most notably slight pressure around your head and eyes). Once your senses are hyper-activated, you’ll feel, taste, and see the rainbow! Flavors of the Zkittlez strain are sweet and sour — almost berry-like nature. A fan-favorite, Skittlez is ideal for those who want to declutter their mind from cyclical thoughts while feeling physically refreshed and mentally uplifted.

Alien OG

50% indica; 50% sativa

Greetings, nervous Earthling, and indulge in one of the greatest weed strains for those who experience exhausting anxiety. Alien OG has hints of lemon and pine, which bring you a clean spark of creativity and a touch of relaxation. Take me to your dealer!

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