10 Best Puzzle Games to Download On Your iPhone

When you hear the word ‘puzzles,’ you probably think of the little cardboard pieces that fit together in a certain way to create one big picture. Despite popular belief, puzzles can be so much more than that! Past studies have shown that doing puzzles, even every once in a while, can improve memory and increase IQ scores.

A simple search in your app store shows hundreds of fun, free puzzles you can do right from your phone! Below is a list of the 10 best puzzle games for the iPhone that are available on the app store.


Go Knots 3D

Untangling knots without tangling them even more can be a challenge! This puzzle game has hundreds of levels, earning points as you go.

Color Rope

Strategically loop a rope around hooks, through tubes, and over obstacles to complete levels.


Hoop Stack

This fun colorful hoop stacking strategy puzzle game is a great way to get your mind moving!


If you’re looking for the best puzzle games from the 80’s,  we recommend downloading this Tetris app for your iPhone.


Park Master

In Park Masters, you have to park each car in the lot safely without hitting any other cars.

Word Search

A simple word search game that can expand your vocabulary and keep you busy!


Candy Crush Saga

Millions of people can’t put this game down! Thousands of levels to find matching candy pieces to gather points and move up levels.

Bubble Pop

This classic bubble shoot puzzle game lets you burst bubbles of the same color to win coins.



This difficult strategy game has you try and fill the box by only moving right, left, up, or down. Fill in the entire box to move on to the next level!

Word Connect

Connect letters in this fun puzzle game to create different words. Expand your vocabulary and challenge your friends!