Top 5 Worst Intersections for Bad Traffic in Austin, Ranked

There are many great things about Austin, but traffic is not one of them. The traffic here gets so bad that people desperately avoid being on the roads any time before 9:30, and after 4:30. But, sometimes it’s unavoidable, we’re here to share a way to make dealing with traffic a little better – and that’s by knowing which intersections to avoid.

The Split on South I35

Technically not an intersection, but given the mayhem it may as well be. It’s the area with the absolute worst traffic in all of Austin. Right as you’re heading into Downtown, I35 splits into an upper deck and a lower deck, with tons of drivers weaving back and forth through the traffic. Unfortunately some exits require the lower deck, but generally the upper deck tends to be faster, even in the worst traffic times.

Loop 360 and MoPac

An intersection of two major highways, the traffic gets bad – like really bad. Traffic here tends to get backed up all the way to the ramp leading off Hwy 290 and onto 360. When it’s like that you’ll unfortunately be seeing that light to access MoPac turn green, and then red again at least 4 times. Best way to avoid it is to head through downtown and access MoPac from further north.

N Lamar Blvd & W Parmer Ln

This intersection isn’t just awful for traffic, it’s also pretty dangerous. Lots of traffic comes from I35 one block down and Parmer is constantly full of people driving very fast. Beyond that it’s hard to see, and with so many lanes it gets quite confusing. 

N Lamar Blvd & W Koenig Ln

There has been some work done to this intersection in the last couple years, but it is still pretty awful for traffic in the area. It’s very easily accessed from I35, which means everyone exiting the highway – and in need of groceries from Central Market – will be there. Going straight through isn’t terrible, but the left turn is almost impossible to make the 1st or even the 2nd try.

Aldrich St & Airport Blvd

Though there is definitely still congestion, this intersection isn’t too bad. Really it’s worth mentioning because of Airport Blvd’s longest left turn in existence, which also causes the lane to get pretty backed up. This turn is what will take you into the Mueller area for the shops, restaurants, and so on. But you won’t get there quickly, so it’s best to keep going and do a quick u-turn at the next light.

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