Top 4 Things to Do in Austin In January

A new year means a new opportunity to explore and fall in love with the world around you. In Austin, January is the perfect month to try some new activities or things you wouldn’t ordinarily think of trying. Whether you’re finishing up school break or simply passing the time until summer hits, Austin is full of exciting activities and sightseeing opportunities in January that will make you feel even more excited to visit this beautiful city or to call Austin home!

The Blue Starlite Urban Drive In

Austin’s most famous mobile drive in, the Blue Starlite Urban Drive-In is one of the most exciting winter activities you can find in Austin in January. This historic drive-through is modeled after the famous drive-in movie theaters of the past, showing a wide array of modern and classic movies with concessions sales and car speakers, just like the good old days. Tickets are always in hot demand, so reserve early to get your chance to watch under the stars!

The Austin Art Walk

Austin is famous for being a city of street and popular art, and January is the perfect time to walk around and explore all the artistic masterpieces that make the streets of Austin so famous! Explore famous neighborhoods, colorful murals, vibrant street art, and local artistic history with an expert local guide and end at a bar and coffeehouse for a relaxing end to your walk.

Art & Music Night at The Cathedral

Support local musicians, artists, and artisans every week with this socially-distanced outdoor art and music night on the steps of The Cathedral. Plentiful food and drink is available and you can wander between other artisan shops and dance to good music live under the stars all while knowing you’re supporting the local artistic community.

Austin Marathons

Austin is surprisingly famous for hosting several different marathons or running events during January that have some of the easier courses in the world. Check out the 3M Half Marathon in late January for an easy downhill run that takes you through some of the best sites of Austin or sign up for one of the many other training runs.


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