These Are the Best Gyms in Austin for All Fitness Levels

If you’re looking for a great gym to call home, Austin is full of amazing (and fun!) options. Regardless of where you may be at in your fitness journey — the gyms in Austin provide spaces for people to workout individually, or with personal trainers, and be a part of really supportive communities. These are our favorite gyms to hit up and get active!

Crux Climbing Center

6015 Dillard Cir #B, Austin, TX 78752

Crux is definitely one of the best gyms in town, and It seems like everyone is getting into rock climbing these days! But there’s a lot more available than just climbing, there are all kinds of fitness classes, yoga classes, a great gym area, and even a sauna. It’s loads of fun, plus you’ll meet a lot of interesting people, and it’s a lot less pricey compared to other gyms in Austin.


1007 S Congress Ave Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704

Equinox is a gorgeous facility complete with an in-house spa and steam rooms! They offer pretty much everything – personal training, pilates, boxing and kickboxing, cycling, running, yoga, strength training, it really is your one-stop-shop to all your fitness dreams.

Castle Hill Fitness

1112 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

On top of all the great classes (both in person and online) at Castle Hill Fitness, they also have an awesome heated pool perfect for doing laps any time of the year! Post-workout you’ll also be able to enjoy the hot tub, sauna, and a wide variety of spa services that will keep you feeling your best.

Athletic Outcomes

2301-A E Riverside Dr #50, Austin, TX 78741

At Athletic Outcomes they like to keep things small, meaning they have plenty of one-on-one training opportunities from a close-knit team. Even in their group classes there is loads of individual attention to ensure that everyone is moving correctly and avoiding injury. They also provide nutrition coaching and have a recovery lounge with some of the latest in passive recovery.

Austin Simply Fit

5134 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

1621 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78704

Austin Simply Fit is highly focused on personal and small group training. This is an awesome place for individuals at any fitness level looking to pursue whatever fitness goal they desire, the programs trainers develop are totally customized and even better — they try to keep the workouts to around 30 minutes, making them easy to fit into busy schedules!

Dane’s Body Shop

807 Capitol Ct, Austin, TX 78756

Dane’s Body Shop is located in a converted garage, with the goal of improving the lives of their members. They do this in a non-traditional way, with a blend of strength training, yoga, mobility and some cardio. It’s a space where social hour meets workout and everyone is really encouraging.


408 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701

Notorious for its sweat-inducing red rooms, Barry’s features a unique workout routine that focuses on HIIT techniques. Between energizing music and motivational instructors, the classes, the environment, and the lighting all make for an effective, high-intensity workout.



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