Practice Your Flow at the Best Yoga Studios in Austin

Austin and yoga truly do go hand in hand and it’s one of the most popular forms of exercise in town. You’ll see people practicing their flow everywhere: at the park, on top of paddle boards drifting along the lake, and of course, in studios. There are loads of great studios all over the city, offering a huge variety of classes for every skill level (hot yoga included!). These are the best yoga studios in Austin where you not only get a great workout in, but find peace of mind while doing it.

YTX Austin

206 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78701

Previously known as Wanderlust, YTX has seven different yoga class styles to suit your needs and skill level, as well as private sessions to make your experience really personalized. The class styles range from heated high-intensity flow to more meditative, restorative yoga — and everything in between!

BFree Yoga

3110 Guadalupe St Suite #120, Austin, TX 78705

BFree Yoga offers six class styles, largely focused on flow, making for a really well-rounded practice overall. It’s great for beginners, those wanting to work on strength and mobility, and for people looking for a solid full-body workout. This studio also offers an incredible retreat to Belize!

Practice Yoga Austin

1103 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Practice Yoga is donation based, though they do have membership options. But if you’re just getting into yoga, drop in and try out some classes! They have classes focused on poses, a few vinyasa flow classes of varying intensity (including a candle-lit one!), and a more meditative class that encourages focus and relaxation.

Pure Yoga Texas

506 Oakland Ave, Austin, TX 78703

Pure Yoga is the place to go for hot yoga of all kinds, and at 105 degrees, it’s the hottest around. You’ll be able to enjoy vinyasa, ashtanga, and even some HIIT fusion; and you’ll definitely be sweaty by the end. One of the best yoga studios in Austin also offers a gorgeous retreat to Bali!

Core Power Yoga

801 W 5th St Retail, Unit I, Austin, TX 78703

Core Power has classes available for every skill level, with the main focus being on vinyasa, though they also offer an awesome class that combines yoga with cardio and strength training! Their hope is to help people reach their fitness goals in an alternative way that will positively impact lives on and off the mat.

Black Swan Yoga

1417 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757

Black Swan is one of Austin’s original yoga studios — they’ve been around for ages! They also function on a donation-based model, with a membership option for those who are really hardcore. They have a lot of great classes, flow, hot yoga, restorative practices, plus they offer amazing pre and postnatal classes for new/expecting moms!



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