Eat Blindfolded at This Secret Dining Experience Coming to Austin

You know how blind dates aren’t actually blind? During this food experience, you will be blindfolded and eating in the dark the entire time, essentially blind-dating everyone in the room. The waitlist for Dining in the Dark is open now, coming to Austin this May at a secret dining location yet to be announced.

It’s like you’re Remy in the beloved Disney + Pixar classic Ratatouille when he closes his eyes and morphs two distinct tastes together in his mouth, savoring every chew and watching the flavors burst into colors in his brain. That’s what they’re going for at Dining in the Dark: a surreal dining experience that relies only your sense of touch, taste, and smell, without the distraction of whether something “looks good” getting in the way.

Plus, the results are in and psychologists have literally said this is elevated eating, an “amplified” way to enjoy food you may have never experienced before. Think about it: we are constantly engaged with multiple screens most of the day, and the barrage of images, faces, information, and other stimuli can be overwhelming without you even realizing it. Slowing down to close your eyes while you’re awake will heighten your sensory experience and give you a unique perception on foods you already love and some you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re a mega foodie and you’re down to try anything, this is the perfect way to take the challenge even further. Choose from three options that will make up your three-course meal: meat, seafood, and vegan (you were worried, weren’t you?). What’s on the menu will remain a secret to you until dinner time, adding to the mystique of the entire experience. Of course, if you have dietary restrictions or allergies, they will be accommodated.

Tickets for this blindfolded, secret dining experience will go for around $80 per person, and we’re pretty sure they’ll sell out fast, so make sure to reserve your spot on the waitlist now.


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