City Brew Tours Craft Brewery Experience Launches First Southern Outpost in Austin

City Brew Tours, North America’s best and oldest interactive craft brewery tour experience, is officially opening the brand’s first outpost in the Lone Star State. Reservations for City Brew Tours Austin location are now open, with the first tours kicking off on February 1.

City Brew Tours Austin is owned and led by Austin local Jeff St. Andre, a beer aficionado who is an avid home brewer and has been touring the best breweries in the country for the last decade. He fell in love with the concept when he was on a City Brew Tour in New York, where he experienced a level of camaraderie, education and support for the craft beer business that he never had before. By the time the tour was over, he knew he wanted to partner with City Brew Tours to bring the concept to his home city of Austin.

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“I’ve been enjoying the Austin Brewery scene, which is one of the best in the country, for the last decade. I am excited to start something here that allows me to share my love of not only craft beer and brewing, but all of the amazing people that make up that scene here in Austin,” said St. Andre.

City Brew Tours is an all-inclusive, educational craft beer tour that works to highlight local breweries. Tours stop at 3-4 breweries per tour and provide the group an experience that pulls back the curtain and shows how the beers are made, from grain to glass – an experience that guests wouldn’t receive by walking into the brewery off the street. More information about public and private tour offerings can be found at

Tours are guided by educated beer experts who are excited to share their knowledge of beer and local breweries. Upon boarding the tour, guests will tell the expert guide exactly what their beer preferences are, and the guides then work to curate a unique beer tasting experience at each stop. Guests will enjoy some of their favorite styles and have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to try things they wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, as they are exposed to a variety of styles. On The Original Austin Brew Tour, guests will also sit down at one of the stops for a pre-set pairing menu where they’ll enjoy a meal while discussing tasting notes and learning why the food pairings work together.

Photo Credit: City Brew Tours

Supporting local breweries is of utmost importance to City Brew Tours, and they work to feature a wide variety of local brewers. Current Austin brewery partners include Independence Brewing Co., Family Business Beer Company, Celis Brewery, Beerburg Brewing, and more.Guides also encourage tour members to purchase their favorite items from local breweries to take home after the tasting. Storage is also provided for purchased products so everyone has the opportunity to leave with  great brews to enjoy at home, in addition to a further appreciation of their local breweries and a group of like-minded new friends.

City Brew Tours Austin tours officially begin taking place on February 1, 2022, and reservations for tours are now open. Public tours take place on Wednesdays through Sundays. Private tours are available on other dates and times. Whether folks are looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, a birthday, a holiday or host a corporate outing, a dedicated private tour specialist is always available to help you plan. To learn more, visit or follow along at @citybrewtoursatx.

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