Brave the Scariest Haunted Houses in Austin

Halloween is creeping up on us like a thief in the night and you know what that means: things are about to get even weirder here in Austin! In a city where bats soar in hoards by night, October is a fitting time of year to explore the spooky side of Austin. If you’re feeling brave, some of the best haunted houses in Austin are starting to open their doors. Enter if you dare. 

House of Torment


House of Torment takes you back to your childhood fears with attractions like The Boogeyman, a sordid tale about what lurks in your closet or under the bed at night. House of Torment entertains the idea that the belief in something is what makes it real, so follow the horrific tale of the Jensen’s family massacre on Blackthorn Drive when you enter this exhibit. 

If you’re feeling brave, The Forsaken takes you on a wandering path through “smoldering ruins and inside the prison’s machine shop, laundry room, and other industrial spaces.” A fair warning that escape may be futile, but not for the bloody and violent prisoners unleashed in the yard. 

Finally, Operation: Laughing Place brings your worst nightmares to life with hallucinations of terrifying clowns. Following the story of 1950s chemical experimentation, a biological hallucinogen called ​​Lmf-a0 has been released and “causes victims to see extreme colors and clown-like apparitions.”

House of Torment is a frightening, adult-friendly time that also features tamer attractions like axe throwing, mini escape games, and even has a tavern on site. General admission is $19.99, but you can add on a Fast Pass to cut your wait time to 30 minutes for an extra $10, or skip the line altogether for an extra $20. House of Torment is open now on the weekends, but you can go almost every day in October. 

Scream Hollow


One of the best haunted houses in Texas is based near Austin. While Scream Hollow is technically in Smithville, TX, it’s only a 45-minute drive outside of Austin, and takes you through a terrifying blend of attractions, including the only haunted hayride in Texas. Hell on Wheels is new this year; a frightening ride through the forest on a rickety hayride is bound to make you scream with terror. 

Scream Hollow is home to several other attractions, too. The Mansion of Terror: Coven brings you into the depths of a haunted orphanage, where Saint Adella uses black magic to conjure spirits from beyond. Whatever you do, don’t venture to the cemetery behind the orphanage, where it’s said that the children buried there are guarded by an evil creature. 

Lost Pines: Asylum “flourished for over 100 years until the allegations of mistreatment and unnecessary experiments of the residents surfaced.” One day, something went wrong, and all of the patients snapped and mutilated the doctors who had treated them badly. Now they roam the halls, unhinged, so enter only if you have the guts to make it through. 

Ever taken a walk through a haunted corn maze? Now you brave the unknown at Wicked Darkness: The Maze, where a paranormal energy draws you into the winding stalks. And, if evil clowns are your thing, lurking in the woods of Scream Hollow is a clown that uses laughter as a weapon. The Slaughterhouse 2: Lunatik’s Revenge is a revamped haunted experience that’s scarier than ever.

Access to all five attractions is just $32.95 on weekdays and $39.95 on the weekends, but you can nab this deal for a special price of $29.95 for the Pitch Dark experience on November 5 – 6. Single haunted attraction tickets range from $21.99 – $31.99.

haunted houses austin
Photo Credit: SCARE for a CURE


Adult-friendly & Kid-friendly

SCARE for a CURE raises money for breast cancer recovery by scaring the pants off of you. One of the best haunted houses in Austin, SCARE features several attractions for all ages, ranging from kid-friendly to the scariest haunted experience in Austin. Brave the Haunted Adventure, the only extreme, full-contact, and interactive haunted house in Austin. According to their website, “participants literally crawl, crouch, and interact with actors” for an hour through a terrifying landscape that will possibly leave you covered in “blood, slime, gore,” and features “cannons, obstacle courses, slides, and real balls of fire.” Those who dare to enter The Bone Yard will wander for 20 minutes through a hellish terrain, but are ensured a no-contact experience. Tickets are not yet on sale, but you can always donate to the cause ahead of time. 

For a kid-friendly experience that the whole family will love, bring them to the Kid’s Trick or Treat event at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town. On Halloween night, you and the kids can enjoy a spooky night full of costumes, candy, face-painting, and so much more! The best part is that the whole event is free for all ages, and they’re serving delicious “ghost burgers” straight from the grill. 

haunted houses austin
Photo Credit: Dead13

Dead13 Austin


Dead 13 saw a need for a kid-friendly haunted house so they brought it to life. As they say, “A family that screams together stays together,” so Dead 13 put together a scary haunted house for children of all ages, including teenagers! Thanks to a children’s matinee, you can bring the kids to one of the best haunted houses for a scary good time. 

Dead 13 follows the story of Pig Face, a sinister character wearing the head of a pig. They tone down the gore and jump scares for the children’s matinee, but keep it just exciting enough for the adults to have a good time, too. Tickets have yet to go on sale for the 2021 iteration, but keep checking online for this year’s extravaganza.


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