7 Best Restaurants to Visit in Cedar Park

People often think of Austin as the place to go for the best foods, and while that is sometimes the case, there are loads of gems in suburbs outside the city that just can’t be missed. Cedar Park is one such area; they’ve recently seen an explosion in their culinary scene with restaurants offering Latin American, Cajun, Asian, and everything in between! Here are our top favorite restaurants for when we’re in Cedar Park.


12920 W Parmer Ln #105, Cedar Park, TX 78613

If you’re searching for some deliciously spicy, authentic Southern Indian food, Nala’s is the place for you! They have curries, dosas, parottas, and loads more mouth-watering dishes to enjoy. Plus, everything is made from scratch in house, right down to mixing spices together, with plenty of vegetarian options available.

H Mart

11301 Lakeline Blvd, Austin, TX 78717

When we go to H Mart, the question is always, “What don’t we want to eat?” This grocery store/food court has some of the best Asian food in town. There are at least eight different restaurants to choose from, featuring Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisines. You really can’t go wrong.

Cajun Skillet

251 N Bell Blvd #101, Cedar Park, TX 78613

At Cajun Skillet, you may find yourself believing you’re actually in New Orleans. The recipes here have been passed down from generation to generation, and they’re about as traditional as you can get without making the trip to Louisiana. It’s rich, hearty, and so tasty!


602 S Bell Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Aleida’s has a food truck and restaurant and, hands-down, some of the best Latin American food we’ve ever had. They’ve got tacos, arepas, burritos, and more than a few street foods you’ve probably never tried. Aleida’s is one of the best Cedar Park restaurants. 

Cedar Pork Too

700 N Vista Ridge Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

One word best describes Cedar Pork Too — burgers! This place has massive burgers, and you can choose from either staff creations or follow your heart’s desire and build your own. If you can handle the heat, there’s also a spice challenge and those burgers get HOT.

Levant Cafe & Grill

1320 Cypress Creek Road #105, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Levant Cafe is a family-owned Mediterranean restaurant focusing on the Levant region, which means you’ll be able to enjoy classic dishes from Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and more! They really make you feel welcome here and the food is to die for.

The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen

1310 E Whitestone Blvd #500, Cedar Park, TX 78613

The Grove is an excellent place to spend the afternoon or evening hanging out. Their wine list is six pages long and they even offer a variety of flights, so you can try several wines! They’re easily one of the fanciest restaurants in town and their offerings are classically Italian — simple and delicious.


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