7 Best Distilleries for Tasting Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and Saké in Austin

Visiting breweries isn’t the only way Austinites like to enjoy their alcohol, there are a fair few number of distilleries in and around town with all sorts of interesting whiskeys, gins, vodkas, and even saké! You can enjoy the spirits neat, try some infused specialties, or sip on craft cocktails — whatever your preference, these are some of the best distilleries in Austin. 

Still Austin Whiskey Co

440 E St Elmo Rd, Unit F, Austin, TX 78745

Still distills small-back whisky and gin using grains from local farmers. They offer tours for a more in-depth experience, but their tasting room is open to everyone, so stop in anytime to enjoy their latest batches, craft cocktails, and perhaps a live music performance. 

Texas Saké Company

440 E St Elmo Rd, Suite B-2, Austin, TX 78745

Texas Saké Company is home to some of the best saké you can find outside of Japan (and they’re right next to Still, so you can have your own mini tour). They have a great variety, from more traditional-style saké, to infused sakés, to sparkling – and we can’t forget their amazing cocktails!

Revolution Spirits Distilling Co

12345 Pauls Valley Rd, Building H, Austin, TX 78737

Revolution is primarily a gin distillery, though they have more recently expanded into producing a few liqueurs. Their tasting room offers a wide menu of gin-based house cocktails, infused gins, and all the classics.

Banner Distilling Co

13201 Jacobson Rd, Manor, TX 78653

Banner is located on a gorgeous 12 acre property, and aims to keep the Texas distilling tradition alive. Take a tour here and enjoy some of their micro-batch amazingly smooth vodka and delicious local-grain whisky.

Crowded Barrel Whisky Co

16221 Crystal Hills Dr, Building D, Austin, TX 78737

Crowded Barrel is another excellent whisky distillery, but with a twist – it’s the world’s first crowdsourced whisky distillery. The Whisky Tribe, as they’re referred to, aims to test the limits of what’s possible with whisky. Financial contributions aside, they decide what gets made and how, with unending ways to experiment. Definitely a must-try!

Planet Rock Distillery

5401 Hudson Bend Rd, Austin, TX 78734

Located right on the edge of Lake Travis, Planet Rock is an awesome vodka distillery and live music venue. It’s the perfect place to enjoy unique cocktails — including six different Bloody Marys, seasonal liqueurs, and as a bonus some fantastic barbecue.


Deep Eddy Vodka

2250 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Not located quite in Austin, but we couldn’t talk about distilleries without mentioning Deep Eddy. It’s the vodka, everyone in Austin knows it, loves it, and has probably had too much of it on a night out at least once in their lifetime. Their tasting room is open during the day, with lots of different flavored vodkas and cocktails to enjoy!


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