6 Korean BBQ Spots in Austin to Try On Your Next Date Night

Though many people associate Austin, Texas with delicious and mouthwatering barbeque, not many people would think to associate Austin with Korean BBQ. This distinct take on a traditional Southwestern dish brings pan-Asian flavors to bear on the traditional smoked meat of Texas, making for a sumptuous combination many will soon fall in love with! These are 6 of our favorite Korean BBQ joints throughout the city of Austin, Texas.

Charm Korean Barbeque

1200 W Howard Ln, Austin, TX 78753

A popular dining experience for one and all, Charm Korean Barbeque boasts steaming hot, fresh off the grill Korean BBQ cooked to perfection right at your table. Delicious and traditional Korean meats and stews get a fresh new look with this Austin twist, and the restaurant proudly offers vegetarian options as well.

Jan Chi Korean Cuisine

3808 Spicewood Springs Rd #104, Austin, TX 78759

A modern, contemporary Korean BBQ outlet in Austin, Janchi literally translates to “feast” in Korean. Jan Chi Korean Cuisine doesn’t disappoint. The dishes and stews offered here are filling and rich, truly providing a feast fit for a king that will feed multiple people well (and have plenty of room for leftovers!)

Korea House Restaurant

2700 W Anderson Ln UNIT 501, Austin, TX 78757

At Korea House, you’re not getting any old barbecue. Bibimbap, bulgogi, and other Korean specialties are the dishes of the day here, providing a traditional and exotic look into Korean cuisine. Of course, the Korean BBQ here is second to none, but the side dishes it also features make this an exceptional restaurant in many ways!

Chosun Galbi

713 E Huntland Dr, Austin, TX 78752

Shrimp fried rice, udon noodles, and a wide range of meats and other classic dishes are cooked and steeped right in front of you, with traditional beverages and side dishes rounding out the menu for an immersive Korean cuisine experience. If you’re looking for the best modern Korean BBQ restaurants in Austin, Chosun Galbi offers a dine-in tabletop experience like none other.


2002 Guadalupe St B, Austin, TX 78705

This fun and funky Korean counter serve offers a wide variety of Korean dishes and flavors. Rolls, bowls, soups, and barbecue dishes complete this fun and fresh menu, and you’ll get the full Korean culinary experience with ease at K-Bop!

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11005 Burnet Rd #108, Austin, TX 78758

This chill Korean eatery in Austin promises a truly Texan combination of flavors, pairing Korean and Mexican dishes and culinary traditions together for a fantastic fusion experience. The Korean BBQ tacos are the best dish here, but their kimchi fries are also phenomenal!

Featured Image Credit: Chosun Galbi on Facebook


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