5 Homeless Shelters and Charities to Support in Austin This Spring

As a bustling city, Austin is home to many people of many different backgrounds. In recent years, the shifting economy and the changing job market has meant that Austin is beginning to see a rise in homelessness. As many people look for ways to help support and aid homeless citizens as they get back on their feet, homeless shelters and charities to support in Austin have cropped up to provide aid and centralize donations and aid. These are some of the best homeless charities or shelters in Austin, and if you can spare it, they deserve your support.

Foundation for the Homeless

Serving the Austin community since 1989, the Foundation for the Homeless works with community partners to try and support homeless Austinians and target the root causes of homelessness at the same time. Foundation for the Homeless works with Austin families to help them build support structures that can transition them from homelessness to stable living. Support them through monetary donations, food donations, or by volunteering at one of their outreach events.

Front Steps

Front Steps helps over 4,500 individuals every year with developing a stable and supportive housing plan. They personally house close to 400 Austin residents every year and work directly with families and individuals to design a safe housing plan that lets them feel safe and secure, no matter how tragic their past may have been. Front Steps runs regular blanket and supply drives as well as accepts monetary donations to support their housing fund.

Casa Marianella

Casa Marianella works to provide direct housing support to displaced immigrants and promotes self-sufficiency through economics classes, English classes, legal and medical resources, food, clothing, and more. Casa Marianella provides shelter to hundreds of families every year and works to rehabilitate and support immigrants while helping them make a difference in their community by providing them training and resources to connect to the Austin area. Your donations are always appreciated.

Caritas of Austin

Caritas is committed to the complete end to homelessness in Austin. They believe in dignified support and resources for all Austin residents, and their services are designed to rehabilitate and educate homeless people as well as provide them with the support system they need to experience safe housing. You can donate supplies or money to help with this.

The SAFE Alliance

One of Austin’s foremost children’s homelessness shelter, the SAFE Alliance is designed to provide support to Austin’s most vulnerable homeless citizens. Their team provides all kinds of support services for people experiencing homelessness or escaping abuse and many especially targeted to younger children, making them a great resource to support with supply donations or money.

Featured Image Credit: The SAFE Alliance Facebook

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