This Famous Phoenix Doctor is Teaching Sex Ed on TikTok!

Are you on TikTok? Then you must check out this Phoenix local OB/GYN’s channel! Finally, someone is making sex ed accessible, fun, and digestible. Let’s take a look at this famous TikTok channel lifting away the shame and stigma around sex and sex education!

Who is Ali Rodriguez?

Ali Rodriguez is an alum of the University of Arizona. She is originally from Puerto Rico and moved back after her undergraduate degree for a four-year medical school program. After that, she completed her OB/GYN residency at the University of Oklahoma.

For years, Rodriguez has been living and working in Phoenix. Her TikTok channel became famous after her video explaining how it was completely normal for women to poop during labor. Since then, more and more people started to follow the doctor, along with endless questions in the DMs — questions these followers may not feel comfortable asking around in person.

These messages provided plenty of topics for Rodriguez to talk about.

Changing the Stigma Around Sex Education

Sex was never the easy thing to talk about.

“Between the U.S. and Puerto Rico, it’s still very lacking. You have your one class in fifth grade where they show you scary pictures of STDs,” says Rodriguez.

Additionally, she’d receive inquiries about personal health conditions with images sent from young girls. All these matters shed more light on the insufficient sex education and how the shaming and stigma around sex could cause severe health concerns for women.

“We need to be better about teaching, especially our younger generation,” says Rodriguez.

Find Rodriguez on Tik Tok

Check out Ali Rodriguez on TikTok if you have any questions that you feel too shy to ask in public. Currently, Rodriguez’s famous channel on TikTok has hundreds of videos where she shares sex education knowledge with the audience, but also her life as an OB/GYN.

The doctor also has a health blog and a YouTube channel, where people can find longer videos and in-depth articles on sex education. Our time is changing, and our education model should catch up as well. The professionals in Phoenix continue to create engaging programs to help education.

Featured image credit: Phoenix New Times