Go Cardinals! Devon Kennard Launches Book Club for Children

With Juneteenth right around the corner, we couldn’t find a more suitable story to feature than this heartwarming new venture Cardinals player Devon Kennard is launching to bring personal growth to children during this summer break — the Reading With DK social media book club.

A Legendary AZ-Native

“There are books that have made a tremendous impact on me, that I’d like to share with others who might also gain from them,” said Kennard.

Seven-year NFL veteran. 302 tackles. Single season career-high with 45 solo tackles, 15 QB hits, and two fumble recoveries… The legend of Devon Kennard goes on and on. Any Cardinals fan could easily recite this man’s outstanding performance on the field.

Growing up in Arizona, Kennard has been with multiple teams and finally settled back in with the AZ Cardinals after his time with the Lions. The local fans have high hopes in the upcoming season with him on the team.

Giving Back to the Community

But Kennard is more than just another football player. He truly cares about his community and the development of future leaders. When he is not on the field or training, he dedicates himself to youth development.

Kennard is highly involved with his Alma mater. He is also actively engaged with multiple community organizations focused on youth development and leadership training. This summer, he is taking a step further by launching a virtual book club called Reading With DK.

The Reading with DK Book Club

How does the Reading with DK Book Club work, you say? The club is designed to keep kids engaged when school is out, so they can continue to learn and grow in a fun way at home.

To participate, go to Kennard’s Instagram to find out what books the book club is reading. Then, share your progress using #readingwithDK on social media. The book club also serves as an important community hub for members to build relationships and even develop mentorships, since participants range from pre-teen to teenagers, to young adults.

So What’s Up with the Cardinals this year?

With things opening back up, football season is back. You can find the official 2021 schedule and ticketing information on their website. Meanwhile, the Cardinals will continue to stay alert for any new development regarding the Covid-19 situation.

While mask mandates have been lifted, if you do go to a large sports event, we recommend you to keep face covering on and maintain some distance. If you are still in need of finding a vaccination appointment, the best thing to do now is to directly give the health department hotline a call.

Featured image credit: AZ Cardinals

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