These Are the Health Guidelines Phoenix Restaurants Must Follow In Order to Reopen

Not so long ago, we rounded up a list of restaurants that have reopened. However, the reopening comes with rules so restaurants can protect you and your family and friends from the virus.

Therefore, we decided to round up some of the major health guidelines restaurants must follow in order to keep you safe. Whether you are thinking about dining out or actually own a restaurant yourself, knowing these guidelines will ensure you a safe and delightful post-pandemic experience.

A safe environment for diners

According to the guideline issued by CDC, restaurants that reopened are only allowed to take in parties no more than 10 people. They are also required to operate at reduced capacity, but in return, curbside pickup and takeout services will continue to be offered following the same standards as they did throughout the lockdown.

Therefore, even if you can’t be seated in a restaurant due to capacity constraints, you can still get your favorite food (and drinks, in many places) delivered to you. For example, the famous Yucca Tap Room is offering draft beer, liquor, and even premixed canned cocktails for curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery.

In addition to seating restrictions, many restaurants will begin to offer masks and hand sanitizers at the host station. While wearing a mask is not mandatory at many establishments, it is still recommended that diners use proper protective equipment when not eating or drinking.

And, for increased safety, restaurants are also required to screen their employees and staff prior to each shift to watch for high-risk factors and symptoms. The pens, menus, and anything put on your table are also required to be sanitized prior to every use.

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A sanitary workspace for employees

Not only are restaurants asked to watch out for customers, they are also required to create a safe, sanitary workspace for their employees. First and foremost, restaurants are required to evaluate employee risk factors and identify those who may be more vulnerable to the virus and properly inform these employees of the risk they may face.

All employees are required to wear facial protection. While close interaction is inevitable when delivering food to the table, or when interacting in the kitchen, restaurants are still recommended to do their best to maintain social distancing. For example, many restaurants have moved their seatings around to ensure a good distance between each table. Some also marked the ground with 6-foot marks.

Of course, newer and more intensive sanitization protocols are implemented and employees are trained to stay up-to-date with the latest standard processes and procedures.

The tools in the kitchen and behind the bars are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, and a full health and sanitation screening is conducted before and after each shift at most restaurants. If any staff is showing symptoms, they will be sent home.

Curious about the full guideline issued to the restaurant industry? You can find the full text of the Back To The Table Guide on the official coronavirus info page of the Arizona Restaurant Association, along with other latest updates regarding the COVID-19 crisis.


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