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Best Ice Cream Shops Near You in Phoenix

Sure, frozen yogurt is cool, but have you ever had a triple scoop of ice cream on a hot, Arizona day? There’s nothing quite like it, so we’ve rounded up the best ice cream shops in Phoenix to keep you cool despite the weather.

best ice cream phoenix
Photo Credit: Novel Ice Cream

Novel Ice Cream | 1028 Grand Ave #6

The cutest little ice cream shop in Phoenix is located in a tiny red building with a no-frills atmosphere, but their flavors are anything but ordinary. Between waffle ice cream sandwiches and donut buns, you can’t go wrong with anything you order off this rotating menu. 

best ice cream phoenix
Photo Credit: @thehungrytruffle

Churn | 5223 N Central Ave

Ever had a literal s’more smushed into your cup of ice cream? Or had such a fiery blend of strawberry and blueberry ice cream that a dragon rests regally on top? You’ll find all of this and more at Churn, the ice cream shop that will cool you right down even in the blazing Phoenix heat. 

best ice cream phoenix
Photo Credit: Yelp

Realeza Michoacana | 2520 N 16th St

You can’t miss this ice cream shop in Phoenix even if you blinked, the colors of the shop exterior are more than vibrant. When you walk in, it’s a vintage haven, offering things like the classic banana split alongside more inventive options. This ice cream store is Mexican-owned and completely delicious.

Photo Credit: @checkmarkeats

Nami | 2014 N 7th St

This vegan cafe scoops up some of the best soy soft serve we’ve ever had. Enjoy classic flavors like Banana Cream Pie and Cookies ‘N’ Cream, as well as more eclectic tastes like Chai Tiramisu, PB ‘N’ J, Almond Oy Vey! 

Photo Credit: Sweet Republic

Sweet Republic | 6054 N 16th St

Classic neon signage invites you into this retro ice cream shop in Phoenix, which serves up artisan ice cream in all kinds of flavors. Enjoy tastes like Madagascar Vanilla, Meyer Lemon, Honey Lavender, and Rum Raisin, but if you’re boring and just like a scoop of chocolate (like yours truly), that’s available too. 



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