10 Best Places to Get High in Phoenix

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to get down to the Earth and have a deep connection with nature, whether it is for a good trip or simply to relax. Therefore, we’ve rounded 10 best places where you can fully relax, enjoy yourself, and get high in Phoenix.

Photo Credit: Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008-3490

Don’t be smoking. But if you are already good-to-go, Desert Botanical Garden is probably the best place to go. You can easily lose yourself in the colorful and various cactuses at DBG for hours without realizing time passing. They have special nighttime hours and are open till 9 PM on weekends.

Photo Credit: Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden

1125 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1821

Many local residents don’t even know the Japanese Friendship Garden exists. This should be a cue for you. You will be surrounded by waterfalls, Asian natural landscapes, and endless greens. Nothing beats a lazy afternoon trip in the Japanese Friendship Garden. Wouldn’t you agree?

Photo Credit: Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

2421 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Dreamy Draw is one of the less-known parks. This means you will have plenty of privacy even though the beautiful weather is bringing people out to the trails. Dreamy Draw will provide you a breathtaking bird-eye view over the mountain. You will also easily find landscapes suitable for sitting and smoking.

Photo Credit: Ecanto Park

Encanto Park

2605 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007-1012

While Encanto Park is right in the heart of Phoenix, not many people realize how late they are open (all the way until 11 PM!). During the daytime, this is indeed a family gathering place that will make you want to keep your “adult fun” away, but at night, you will have the water glimmering under moonlight all to yourself.

Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve

Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve

1900 W Desert Vista Trail, Phoenix, AZ 85085

This preserve can be accessed from three different locations with multiple trails connected to it. Fall is the perfect season to lose yourself at Sonoran with all the colorful wildflowers blooming. This is one of the best places for a lazy afternoon trip.

Photo Credit: Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock

Papago Park Van Buren St. and Galvin Pkway, Phoenix, AZ

What’s a better place to get stoned than in a giant hole in the rock above and away from everyone? Here you can forget about the world and reality. If you can avoid the tourist hours, you will have the whole place to yourself. This is one of the few locations open as early as 5 AM, which allows you to enjoy the sunrise.

Photo Credit: South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park

10919 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042-8302

South Mountain Park is known for the stone fortress. If you want somewhere safe, quiet, and private to lose your mind, come cuddle in the cool shades inside the fortress. Or you can find somewhere in the middle of the trail and take a long break. This is one of the biggest parks in the entire US. Therefore, the chances of you being disturbed by others are quite low.

Photo Credit: Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area

Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area

5700 North Echo Canyon Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85018

The Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area is big enough for you to literally do whatever you want, as long as you are staying safe, smart, and respectful to the environment around you. Did we mention that they have some of the best views among all trails across Phoenix?

Phoenix Zoo

455 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008-3431

You can’t beat funny giggles and silly jokes with animals, as long as you can find recreational that doesn’t involve smoking. That aside, Phoenix Zoo has a giant variety of animals from birds, mammals to reptiles. You can go hang with the awesome giraffes or the cute chipmunks and chill. Your call.

Photo Credit: Pretty Please Lounge

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Photo Credit: Hike Quartz Ridge

Hike Quartz Ridge

32nd St & Lincoln Dr, Phoenix, AZ

Hike Quartz Ridge is another much less-known hiking spot. However, the view it provides is nothing less than some of the major sightseeing spots. This means you can come to Hike Quartz without worrying about getting busted. All while enjoying the same quality of natural beauty.

Featured Image Credit: Hole in the Rock