Everything You Need to Know About Traveling Outside of Phoenix

Cabin fever has, without a doubt, been getting the best of all of us these last couple of months. Now that things are hopefully going to start calming down, more and more people are looking to get out of the dessert and get a change of scenery. That being said, just because COVID-19 is the new normal doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be safe when venturing to other places. It can be hard to keep all the new rules and regulations of traveling outside of Phoenix straight, though, so we put together a little guide of dos and don’ts for you.

First thing’s first. If you’re planning on traveling to a different part of the country, first check the number of cases in that area. Is the virus still spreading rapidly? If so, please be mindful of the numbers in Phoenix as well. You don’t want to travel as a carrier of the illness and infect everyone in your path or contract it along the way.

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Once you’ve got that figured out, the next hurdle to get over is the airport. When flying, always wear gloves and a mask. TSA does allow masks to be worn through security checkpoints, although they may ask you to adjust it at any time.

TSA has also implemented social distancing measures, including the metering of passengers, to make sure everyone stays at a safe distance from one another. Some stations may even be closed due to an effort made by airlines to decrease passenger and flight volume.

Remember to disinfect toilet seats and sink areas in airport bathrooms, and always wear gloves when touching surfaces. Despite numbers being down, consider that normally, flights are taken by 2.7 million people a day. That’s a lot of germs!

When entering the plane, be sure to disinfect the arms of your seat as well as the tray table in front of you. Even though planes are cleaned before you enter them, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If possible, put some distance between yourself and your fellow passengers. Sit every other seat or even in your own row if space permits.

Note that even though restrictions are slowly easing up in Arizona, each state has its own set of restrictions. For example, if you’re traveling from Phoenix to Chicago, be mindful that restaurants and stores in the Chicagoland area are open with limited capacity, outdoor seating, and for those wearing masks, only. So remember to pack a few of each item, along with extra hand sanitizer just in case.

In the case that you’re traveling to a campground or national park, bear all these things in mind while also checking the constraints of said park. The National Park Service provides visitors with guides to help them stay informed.

Keep in mind that it is totally possible to have fun and travel even given the current circumstances, but precautions are imperative now more than ever. Don’t let them stop you from giving yourself a much-needed, self-isolated vacation. We know you need it!


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