8 Local Instagram Influencers You Must Follow in Arizona

Instagram is a treasure trove, is it not? From the titillating foodie accounts to fitness pages to public figures that are really just adorable puppers, Instagram influencers are a big part of that treasure trove, creating content that you can enjoy in one way or another. But, you want what’s most relevant to you — don’t you? If you do, these are the top 8 local Instagram influencers you must follow in Arizona.


When you think of the word “local”, you think of “local cuisine”, don’t you? Even thinking of “Instagram influencers” makes you think of food, right? That’s what we thought. That’s why it’s perfect that we’ve found a foodie (it’s in the name!) that can lead you to the best spots in Arizona. Follow Jen here at @foodiehand to find her recommendations on the best Filipino barbecue, the best pasta joints… the best of eats she can find in Arizona.


Shaun T is a fitness trainer and influencer in Arizona who maintains a presence on podcasts, on YouTube, and yes, on Instagram, in order to share workout advice and to help people get fit. He’s the mastermind who developed Insanity, as well as the Hip-Hop Abs workout program — and he is always pushing boundaries and building new journeys for himself as an athlete, showing us all what it means to always keep improving.


Yes, he’s a dog. He’s also famous, and he’s got the verified account to prove it. Ranger is a German Shepherd who also has pituitary dwarfism, so although he looks like a pup, he’s savvy to the ways of Instagram already. This lovable canine is a local, too, so Phoenix folks can keep an eye on their new favorite neighbor by following him online!


If you’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race like you should’ve been, you’d know that Season 13 featured this drag queen and Instagram influencer from Arizona! Joey Jay’s stunning, well thought-out looks should be an easy way to draw you into watching Season 13 of RPDR if you haven’t already — and into following her on social media for more!


Talk about foodies: AZsipsters (a.k.a. Ash) is a proud food snob from Scottsdale who welcomes influencer collabs, enjoys a cold beer (especially for Oktoberfest), pizza, sushi — anything to eat or drink that promises a fun experience. Follow her for insight into what cool cocktail is “hot” at your new favorite watering hole!


Whether it’s in the Superstition Wilderness or all the way to Cathedral Rock in Sedona, there are beautiful, challenging, scenic spots for hikes all over Arizona. This couple are exceptional Instagram influencers to follow if you’re looking to try out hiking and fitness activities, or even if you are the type to just live vicariously through amazing pictures and videos of hike-worthy scenery. Either way, it’s time to come aboard with the AZ Hikeaholics!


The Crafty Chica, also named Kathy, is an artist and designer, an author, and a public speaker; in other words, she engages audiences with everything she does! She offers how-tos on cute self-made decorations as well as selling some of her handcrafted items, be it beautiful coffee mugs for all year or painted pumpkins for the season!


On Instagram, a lot of people are looking for inspiration. Sometimes, that inspiration comes in the form of a journey. That’s what happened with Gracie, whose transformation became fuel for an audience that wanted to follow her to cheer her on to her goal weight and to learn from her how to be consistent in reaching their own goals. If you’re looking to make a change, or you just want to see what hard work can do, follow this popular influencer and get to know about her journey on Instagram and YouTube alike!

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