Famous Talk Show Comedy Hosts Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Well, we’ve done it — in this day and age, it’s hard to not see the quickness of COVID-19’s transformation from a sincere source of panic to yet another subject of dark comedy, especially on contemporary commentary shows. Talk shows, live streams, and whatever other media we can use all serve as platforms for the leading voices in comedy to keep afloat in these uncertain times. Here are the best 5 clips of comedy routines that center around the newest “touchy” subject of the year!

President Trump’s Tips to Avoid Coronavirus

With the end of February came a lot of misinformation from President Trump about the novel coronavirus, and Jimmy Fallon wasn’t the only one to point it out. However, from start to finish of this clip, Fallon’s Feb. 28 monologue not only tackles this governmental grievance but also the information from experts regarding the virus itself. A little lying, a little learning, and a whole lot of laughter — what could go wrong?

Coronavirus Hits America – Is This How We Die?

Trevor Noah is yet another comedian-turned-talk-show-host whose routines have taken a turn in light of this new disease. In this March 2 show, he breaks the news of how physical contact by the French will be the death of us all, also revealing what the virus and basketball movies have in common.

How to Avoid Catching Coronavirus

The way that Trevor Noah breaks down our current situation is not only humorous, but it gives light to the ways that the disease can best be avoided. However, this tongue-in-cheek presentation from just a couple of weeks ago on March 9 definitely makes you wonder — what more can one do to keep their city safe?

Donald Trump Terrified of Getting Coronavirus

In this monologue, Jimmy Kimmel discusses the ubiquity of coronavirus news, but even more than that — he finds a number of public figures’ responses to the virus outbreak, including a surprising bit of news about Trump himself. Apparently, he’s even an expert on viruses (or so he says)!

Ellen Wants to Help Protect You from Getting Coronavirus

We’ve got another comedian with her mindset on putting people at ease in these trying times. Ellen DeGeneres helps her audience with a hands-on demonstration of how to avoid getting the virus in a number of ways. One thing is certain from watching this: learning to wash your hands will never again be so entertaining — especially when done to the tune of a Marvin Gaye song!


Featured Image Credit: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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