6 Stops You Should Take from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon

It is road trip season and many of you may have plans to visit the Grand Canyon. But did you know there are breathtaking scenic stops and fun small towns to visit on the way from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon that will make your trip much more fun? We’ve hand-picked our top 6 favorites in this article to help you plan your trip.


Featured image credit: Visit Sedona

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Nf-583A, Pine, AZ 85544

Tonto Bridge is one of the first stops you can make on your way from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. It is only less than 2 hours away from Phoenix with historic lodging for you to take a short break and short trails to get your muscles warm. While all trails here are less than half a mile, they’re famous for the steep climb. But that also means you’ll get a stunning bird’s eye view once you conquer the peak!

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle Rd, Camp Verde, AZ

If all that climbing back at Tonto Natural Bridge got you tired, the Montezuma Castle will be your perfect second spot. You could choose to slowly drive through and get a good view of the famous castle, or stop by and explore the artifacts from the Sinagua people.


You may be getting tired and are looking for somewhere to eat and relax before resuming your trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. Well, then why not stop by Sedona — a unique, artistic town full of delicious foods, fun shops to stop by, and historic spots to explore. When you’re done, take a scenery drive straight through endless red rocks and majestic mountains, and resume your roadtrip.


Summer and fall are the most beautiful seasons in Flagstaff with wildflowers blooming all over. Also, festivals are back this year, so if you’re driving in the night during one of the festival days, then you must stop by and allow yourself some wild fun — just remember to drive safely and responsibly!


Williams is an absolute hidden gem in Arizona, especially if you’re a car lover. You’ll see plenty of lovely vintage cars lined out on the side of the street. If you need to plan one final stop on your day trip to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, Williams is a good place to stay too. They have plenty of lodging options with awesome restaurants nearby.

Did you know you can also ditch your car and take a train straight to the Grand Canyon from Williams, AZ?



Did you know Jerome was known to be the wickedest town in Arizona? If you’re want to take a different route to go back home, and would rather do something equally adventurous but less exhausting, then Jerome is right there for you! This used to be a mining town. So you can find plenty empty, abandoned mines around for a ghost-hunt. With a population of around 450, this place is perfect for those wanting to enjoy some slow time as they head back to Phoenix.