6 Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana: Bubblers, Vaporizers, & More

Now that recreational marijuana became legal in Arizona, many cannot wait to try it out. We get your excitement, but do you know what you need? The wide variety of smoking devices could be confusing to newbie marijuana users. Although bubblers and vaporizers are popular devices utilized to smoke recreational marijuana, there are a variety of other ways to smoke recreational marijuana.


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Bubblers use water to diffuse the smoke and therefore give you a smoother hit. They are small and discreet and are perfect for portable entertainment since most bubblers can easily fit into a sachel or a purse. Bubblers are our top recommendation for the fact they let you bring the fun with you.


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Bongs are best for massive hits because of the larger air chambers they have. Bongs are also a healthier smoking device than other options because the water inside cools off the smoke and reduces the amount of nicotine and resin you inhale. Bongs come with five different pieces, which gives you endless customization possibilities.


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Vaporizers are the healthiest way to take your hits — even healthier than water pipes. You smoke in the weed vapor. Therefore, you avoid taking in any debris when you use a vaporizer. You can skip the smoke part with vaporizers and simply enjoy the body high brought to you by your marijuana.

Hand Pipes

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These are the most common options weed smokers use. They are also the most newbie-friendly option because they give you a milder, more acceptable hit. There are plenty of glass artists creating unique hand pipes. So if you want something that showcases your personality, hand pipes should be your top choice.


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If you want to be discreet with your smoking, one-hitters are a great choice. You can also use one-hitter pipes to modify how much you smoke or even limit the number of smokes you take throughout the day. Some one-hitters come in kits with all the essentials you need and a neat design.


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Dab Rig

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Dab rigs are for those looking for strong hits — the kind that might knock you off your feet. A dab rig is a larger investment but totally worth it if you are a dedicated long-term smoker. Dab rigs give you the most potent hits that one smoke is enough to create a nice buzz.

Featured Image Credit: DopeBoo420 on Instagram