5 Ways to Minimize Culture Shock If You’re Moving to Phoenix

“Arizona seemed like another world when I moved…” Someone wrote on The State Press back in 2019, and moved on to safely claiming that Arizona, in general, is the true “wild wild west.” Well, we know she wouldn’t be the last person feeling this way, but we want to at least prepare you for what you are getting into when you are moving to Phoenix. Below are five crucial things to keep in mind when you travel or even move to the Phoenix Metro area. Follow these guidelines, and you will have a rather pleasant experience with a smooth transition of cultures.

A Giant Water Bottle Is Necessary For Survival At All Times


You need your water bottle. Period. Like… anywhere you go, even if you’re just staying at home. If you’re moving to Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a safe bet that you’re not accustomed to 100-degree-plus weather. Carrying a water bottle around (a giant one too!) with you would most likely make your move-in and adaptation go much smoother.

Brace Yourself For Rain Celebrations

Another thing to be familiar with prior to moving to Phoenix is rain celebrations. Don’t be bombarded when it rains outside and your phone gets blown up by friends and families. You are most likely going to get, “it’s raining, have you seen it???” from at least four different people as if they’ve never seen a single drop of rain prior to this point of their life — that’s because the precipitation rate is so low in Arizona that the mere phenomenon of rain is worth celebration. 

It’s Like A Stephen King Movie

Don’t expect too much social life in Phoenix. We are not saying there aren’t any awesome bars to chill at, or there are zero activities (though, to be fair, there definitely aren’t any right now, due to the pandemic). However, it is definitely a lot different from other metropolitan cities in the States. Tempe is where you’d most likely get a good kick outta social life during the day. Otherwise, just get used to the barren streets.

Speeding At A Whole New Level

Individuals that are moving to Phoenix, Arizona will need to become accustomed with the fast driving habits of local residents on the freeways. They are not aggressive drivers. They have simply been driving in a fashion that would have been considered extremely aggressive by people from other areas their whole life. If you see a car going up to 100mph simply to change lanes on the freeway, just remind yourself to breathe. That’s pretty normal.

The Scorching Heat vs. The Freezing AC

If you’re moving to Phoenix, you should also be aware that most commercial establishments tend to prefer low AC temperatures. We recommend bringing a long-sleeve jacket along with you wherever you go to stay warm. Not only all buildings blast their AC to the fullest possible extent, when you are walking from 110-degree outside weather into a fully air-conditioned room, the temperature drop feels even sharper because of the contrast.


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