Top 24 Things to Do Inside During Your Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

In our consumer culture of constant movement, we’re bound to get a little bored over the next few weeks of self-quarantining. With events being canceled, bars and restaurants closing, and the virus still spreading, everyone in Phoenix and the surrounding areas has been advised to stay home as much as possible, leaving us with a ton of free time. These are a the best activities to try to pass time throughout the quarantine.

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  1. Pull out Settlers of Catan. Now that activity could last a whole quarantine.
  2. Set up an indomitable pillow fort. Something even the dog can’t destroy.
  3. Create your own at-home gym. For once, we’re telling you to avoid the gym. Instead, look up some YouTube videos on workout routines and activities. You’ll live.
  4. Catch up on some podcasts. We recommend My Favorite Murder, Stuff You Should Know, and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.
  5. Paint a picture of your cat. Give it a few tries if you’re not exactly artistic.
  6. Finish a ridiculously hard puzzle. 1,500 pieces, here we go!
  7. Beat your high score. On your phone. On your XBOX. In your own head. Whatever it takes.
  8. Write the next Great American Novel. Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a plague outbreak that shut down theaters, so wyd?
  9. Or just download an audiobook from Audible.
  10. Learn a new instrument. If it won’t totally annoy your neighbors.
  11. Take up coding. Khan Academy is a useful resource for free classes on almost anything. If you’ve been putting off participating in activities to learn HTML, they’ve got you.
  12. Start journaling about our harrowing journey through this mess. Who knows? Maybe it’ll end up in the history books 50 years from now.
  13. Get drunk and text your ex. If there was ever a good time to do it, it’s now.
  14. Download Duolingo and learn a new language. You’ll be a whole new person by the end of this quarantine
  15. Take up meditation. You could use a little inner peace right now.
  16. Call your family and friends. You won’t be able to see them as often. This indoor activity will keep you in touch with them during times like this. Plus, you’ll go crazy if the only company you have is your cat.
  17. Donate to a local organization that’s helping people in the wake of this pandemic. The time spent researching areas to spend your funds will give you something to do
  18. Have an Idris Elba movie marathon and tag him in your tweets about it. He’ll appreciate the support.
  19. Make the perfect cocktail. Since you already stocked up on alcohol (don’t deny it), a fun activity may include experimenting with classic recipes such as a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned?
  20. Perfect your wing. If you haven’t nailed down liquid eyeliner, now’s the time to get that winged tip perfect, even if it takes 1,000 tries.
  21. Create a scrapbook of your 2019 adventures. Cry over how much you miss the good old days.
  22. Watch Frozen 2 on Disney+. It’s worth it, we swear.
  23. Go viral on TikTok with your quarantine shenanigans. Never a better time to get famous.
  24. Make a list of all the outdoor activities you’re going to do once this shit is over. Because guys, remember, it will end.

In addition to trying each of the 24 activities above to keep yourself sane throughout the Coronavirus self-quarantine, we recommend lightening your mood by viewing these 10 relatable Coronavirus memes that are going viral.