The Best Comic Book Stores in Austin

Austin is home to all sorts of hobbies and interests, comics are definitely one of them. Our passion for Marvel and DC definitely doesn’t end at the movies. There’s a whole community of comic book lovers in Austin and there are tons of amazing places to find comics – even those hard to get ones. Here are some of our favorite places around town to enjoy comics, games, and more!

Austin Books & Comics

5002 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

Since 1977 Austin Books & Comics has been a haven for all things geeky in Austin. Venturing into their store is truly like finding a treasure trove of comics. Seriously there are comics from wall to wall. They’ve got everything and then some – from new releases to vintage finds, and so much more in between! 

Dragon’s Lair

2438 W Anderson Ln B1, Austin, TX 78757

Dragon’s Lair has a spectacular selection of comics, graphic novels, board games – many you’ll likely never have heard of, and more. Not only is it a great place to shop for all kinds of goodies, but every evening of the week is also a board game night of some kind. There are meet-ups for DnD, Magic: the Gathering, and tons of demo games free to play. Reserve a table and play with your friends or join a table and make some new ones!

Tribe Comics and Games

3005 S Lamar Blvd #d113, Austin, TX 78704

Tribe Comics has a similar vibe to Dragon’s Lair, but a little bit smaller. Still, they have a wonderful selection, with new comics arriving every Wednesday and new board games arriving every Thursday. Every evening they host a variety of activities including painting mini-figures, playing board games, DnD, ladies-only Dnd, and more! One more for the ladies – there’s also a comic book club that meets to enjoy some social time and discuss everything comic related.

King’s Cache

7801 N Lamar Blvd STE. B-169, Austin, TX 78752

King’s Cache is a smaller shop and rather mysterious. It’s operated by someone known only as “the King,” and man does he have quite the collection. With new releases seemingly every week, it’s the perfect place to visit when you’re looking for comics and collectibles that are hard to find. There are multiple ways to shop – and of course, you can contact the King directly. 

Bat City Comic Professionals

4616 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Bat City has an amazing collection, but even more amazing – they’re a nonprofit. Their goal is to improve reading and writing skills in younger generations through a love of comic books, and their proceeds help to create literacy programs and scholarships in Austin. Tons of comics, a great cause, and some incredibly passionate staff, what’s not to love?

Featured Image Credit: Austin Books & Comics Facebook Page

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